தாயாரை விற்கலாமா?

This is a very important topic where we, as Hindus, should pay more attention to. I was shocked to hear that the very first law that was passed in Karnataka after Congress came to power a week back is to lift the ban on cow slaughtering – I heard that this was done on the very first day of them assuming power. The reason given by Congress was very lame – they want to give variety to beef eaters. What nonsense this is? This is not just in Karnataka – the cow slaughtering is happening everywhere.

I have to mention about one of our readers, whom I respect a lot, Shri Gopalaswamy here related to this topic. In 2012 when I went to India, I met him.When we were talking, I was surprised to know how much of a passion he has in saving cows from being slaughtered. Although he is old in age, he is like a young warrior at heart. He started talking to me about what are the things we can do towards this initiative and he wants me to drive this!!  Me sitting here in US, not sure how much I can contribute to this one. This gho himsa truly pains me and am sure all of us….The moment I told about the need for supporting cows in thogur padasala, he immediately started sending money to them from next day!!!  Till now, I have not taken any step on this – I feel ashamed – I owe him a huge apology and a reply..I intend  to talk to few people who can probably help me to understand this how to approach etc. I will share more on what I find……

To give you a background, he has spent several years with Periyava, ran alongside of the mena, carried His holy padhukas in his head while running – Periyava told him that He is in mama’s heart and there is no need for padhukas for him etc – such a blessed soul and a great devotee. He is taking this gho rakshana as his lifetime mission.


ஒரு நாள், தரிசனத்துக்கு வந்தவர்களிடமெல்லாம் ‘தாயாரை விற்கலாமா? வயதாகிவிட்டால், தாயாரை விற்கலாமா?‘ என்று கேட்டுக்கொண்டே இருந்தார்கள் பெரியவாள்.

தொண்டர்களுக்கு புரியவேயில்லை.

தாயாரை-வயதான தாயாரை-ஏன் விற்கணும்? விற்றாலும் யார் வாங்குவார்கள்? தாயாரை விற்றதாக கேள்விப்பட்டதில்லையே?’தாயாரை விற்க கூடாது‘ என்று எல்லோரும் ஒருமுகமாக கூறினார்கள்.’அப்படி ஓர் அநியாயம் நம்ம தேசத்திலே நடந்துண்டு இருக்கு.எந்த மாநிலத்தில்? ஹிமாச்சல் பிரதேசத்திலா? அருணாச்சல் பிரதேசத்திலா? நம்ம தமிழ் நாட்டில் தான்…தினமும் நூற்றுக்கணக்கில் விற்பனை ஆகிறது. வாங்குகிறவன் எங்கோ கொண்டு போய் விடுகிறான்…’

பெரியவாள் இவ்வளவு வருத்தப்பட்டு பேசியதை, ஆண்டாண்டு காலமாக உடனிருந்து பணி செய்யும் சீடர்கள் கேட்டதில்லை.

‘கோமாதா, கோமாதான்னு பூஜை செய்யறோம். குளிப்பாட்டறோம். குங்குமம் வெக்கறோம். பால் கறந்து காப்பி சாப்பிடறோம் (ஈஸ்வரன் கோவிலுக்கு கொடுக்கறதில்லே), ஆனா, வயசாகி போய் பால் மரத்து போச்சுன்னா, வீட்டில் வெச்சுக்கறதில்லே. கசாப்பு கடைக்காரன் கிட்டே வித்துடறோம்…அநியாயம்…சகல தேவதா ஸ்வரூபமான பசுவை இப்படி கொன்றால், பகவான் எப்படி நம்மை ரட்சிப்பார்? வசதிப்பட்டவர்கள் கோசாலை வைத்து வயதான பசுக்களை சம்ரக்ஷிக்கணும்.’

பசுவிடமிருந்து கிடைக்கும் ஐந்து பொருள்கள் – பஞ்சகவ்யம் ஈஸ்வர பூஜைக்கு தேவையானவை.

பசுக்களிடம் எல்லை இல்லாத பாசம் பெரியவாளுக்கு… அவற்றை கண்டால், கோகுலத்து கண்ணனாகவே மாறி விடுவார்கள்.

நன்றி: ஸ்ரீமடம் ஸ்ரீ பாலு மாமா அவர்கள், கச்சிமூதூர் கருணாமூர்த்தி புத்தகத்தில்…

Thanks to our dear Shri Varagooran mama of facebook


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  1. We also belong to the animal kingdom; when we have plant foods are available, there is no need to kill any animal and most important The HOLY COW. Pl. save the COW.

  2. I beg to draw the attention of all in this matter of “Go Samrakshana” and “Cow Slaughter” like issues…There is said to be no objection in general to eating any other meat at the outset, eventhough I am not an authority in this subject…But why only against the meat of cow??…

    My mind only says that our for-fathers had such great knowledge on biology as they had on medicine and astronomy and things like that..They should have had a great knowledge in this subject and also the ill effect of cow’s meat on human beings that they imbedded into our minds the fear of cow slaughter and equaled cow to one’s mother…Now look around in places like cities of USA., where they freely eat the meat of cows and look at the problem of obesity and other related issues for which they are still working hard to find a solution…Almost every other person is suffering from weight related problem, and someone else is making full use of it by making money out of the issue by finding slimming medicines and “Big and Large” clothing outlets..
    Let them also stop cow slaughter in the first place and though not pray to this “mother”, they will have the blessing of “HER” and would have normal growth , size and health.

    This is what has been propagated all these years by our strictures and great saints and followers of our Dharma, and vote bank seekers are becoming “intelligent” in trying to “SELL , KILL AND EAT” without caring for the well being of their own commune..

    Anyway , vegetarianism is catching up in these US cities and they would one day teach us that cows can only be treated as our mothers and not otherwise…Then we will bring in legislation to stop Cow Slaughter..

    Pity the way we are PROGRESSING and it really hurts to read , or write on this topic.
    Glad I have been brought up to value tradition and let me imbibe this knowledge onto my children at least.. Our Great Grand fathers had much better knowledge and let us blindly follow them.. and ask our future generation to follow and we would stand to gain..

    Let me not keep on writing ..

  3. Dear All,
    HH Sri Kanchi ParamaCharya once asked one person whos is suffering from epilepsy to take Panchagaviyam after Sama Veda Parayanam for few days. This person is completely cured taking Panchagaviyam as told by Sri Kanchi ParmaCharya.

    I am willing to contribute $$$ for any project to protect Go Matha.

    I request every body come forward and let us all take up this.

    Gopal S

  4. Vande Mataram ! Vande Go-mataram ! Vande Veda-mataram ?

  5. In reference to this news, the following might interest –

    1. goseva.net

    2. People for Cattle – a group doing a great job of blocking and booking inter-state trucks that carry cattle in inhuman conditions, featured in the Hindu often; they are on FB

    3. Here’s a recent article in the Hindu on milk industries and treatment of cows –


    the very reason I stopped supporting this industry and consuming milk and its products 20 years ago

  6. Dear Mahesh,
    Just for an idea as to what people in London do – http://www.ahimsamilk.org/
    Hope it is useful. Regards

  7. Regarding Hubli Ramaswamy’s observation, I have a doubt whether Mettur Swamigal is in the the photo shown here. It may have been taken many years ago, when HH was around sixty or so. May be late 1950’s or early 1960’s. His face shows how remarkably young He is. If so, Mettur Swamigal must have been still younger.
    The best person to clarify this perhaps would be Mettur Swamigal himself.

    • sorry, you seem to be right. the resemblance made me make those observations. but the other observations regarding mettur swamigal are very correct as i have gone there recently and tasted the milk also after abhishekam!!!!!

  8. Request all to visit http://www.goseva.net/ and contribute your mite.They are doing excellent protection of “Nattu pasu” (local indian breed cows whose milk is only suitable for swami abhishekam) and selling the products. I visited the volunteer in Thiruvanmiyur area and procured some bottles of pure go vibuti and the quality is certainly way better than the ones in shops

  9. ரொம்பவே வருந்தத் தக்க செய்தி. ஆனால் காங்கிரஸ் அரசிடமிருந்து இதைத் தான் எதிர்பார்க்கலாம். மதவாதமில்லாத அரசு என்று சொல்லிப்பாங்க. :(((( மக்கள் மனம் மாற அந்த மகேசன் தான் அருள் புரிய வேண்டும்.

  10. It is very sad to see the photo ie., Some one has been wiped off from the photo who is holding the cow.I think no one has rights or qualify to judge who can stand or can not stand with Sri Maha Periyava.
    Mahaperiyava Saranam

  11. Hi,

    From Political front : BJP , VHP, ABVP should take on political front
    Hindu Religious mutts including the Lingayat mutts should take up this issue.
    Should open shelters to protect and Hindus living abroad should donate enough money to sustain these shelters.

    Just my thoughts.

  12. Really it is very painful to note that Karnataka has lifted the ban on cow slaughter. Maha Periyava’s Grace alone could protect the cows in distress.

  13. Maha Periyava was saddened by many things. Cow slaughter is one such matter. Go saalas maintained at West Mambalam behind Kamakshi Temple and at Vanjiyur near Karaikkal are examples of what can be done. Even bullocks which toil for us in the fields are killed for beef. Natural agriculture Scientist Nammaalwar is dead opposed to killing our cattle wealth.. Beef eaters are satisfied by Governments for votes.. People like Sri. Gopalaswamy are doing what they can. If we can do something to support them, we will do. In future, remembering which Governments oppose ban on cow slaughter should be a priority. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLe CharaNam!

  14. Very sad to hear about this and I agree that we should do something to prevent this from happening. I came across this organization http://www.cowprotection.com/. They have huge farm and protect the cows in Bangor, PA. we can also adopt cows.

  15. It is very a shame and unfortunate that congress govt. in karnataka passed a bill on cow slaughter. They did to satisfy certain group of people (particularly muslims and a section of hindus) as well as against the previous BJP government’s baisc principles. This is purely political gimmick. Karnataka is one of the state which consists of very strong believers of hindu sentiments and Mahaperiyava’s favorite place. Mahaperiyava spent more time in Karnataka in his lifetime.

    “Gobramapyo subamasthu lokasamastha suginobavandhu
    Servey suginobavandhu”

    Meaning : (Wherever the cows and bramins are blessed and live peacefully that place will

    In this juncture the only way to stop this nonsense we have to pray the Almighty and Mahaperiyava. Thanks a lot to Mr Mahesh Sir, obviously you became shock to hear the bad news even though now you are living the land which most of the people consumes beef.

  16. Congress is ruled by Sonaritta;Antonio evige albino maino (DOB:09/12/46), her sonsaniomaino Raul Ghandy,& s-in-law H/o Bianca,even though her (so called sonia ghandy)husband was born to kashmiri pandit & kashmiri abhdulas,these people eat mainly beef & prefers to eat, & to please the vote bank of so called minoritymuslim( now their population is in growing very much in India ) the present elected sidharamiah (Karnattaka people are real
    idiots in giving power to the corrupt congress)to please his italian boss he abolished cow slaughter, but they will ripe the fruits too shortly with gosabham,I am sure of this. To prevent this some good minded people are taking some steps, You people in USA pl live peacefully,this is the job each & every hindu citizen to protect cows(the mother who feeds her children).What u people can do is can collect lot of money in USA buy big land where there is plenty of water,ferrtile land in which Korai pull(i.e spl grass liked by cows) start go sala, get cow dung,go urine,etc make medicines,vibhoothi,panchagaviyam pestisides etc.These work is already on anvil by RSS, VHP voluenteers . There is a go urine medicine called TULSIRA formulated by a go sala at Karnattaka is an effective medicine which cured my wifes asthma/broncaites, with in a week whether u belive it or not but 100% true in my life smillarly Panchagaviyam is best pesticide, I developed small qty applied on NANDIDIAVETTAI plant, got good result. If any one is ready to help(I am 66 retd Project Mgr of automotive & Power industry living in pammal-Chennai) financially, we can start a big go sala,with vedic type research centre(R&D),by selling the mfd products money for paying salary & maintain this sort of cows, near the river bed area or where we can get more ground water resources to grow,grass etc. It should be carried out in big way we can even give some money to the people who is selling cows to slaughter house. RG Pammal

  17. Mettur swamigal will talk a lot about this. probably you are able to recognize him in this photo. incidentally my daughter in law’s sister’s son (whose name itself is gopal, a ca, getting fully versed in samaveda presently)is mad on this subject. there are a number of persons like jkd who tries to get these cows being transported in lorries and taking them to goshaalas. Murlidhar swamigal is also doing this. it was mainly to Kerala that these cows were being transported from tamilnadu and andhra and intercepted in borders and taken care of. sometimes these cows (country cows as they are called)are taken, given proper care, artificially inseminated and have given calfs and they are good. their milk is very tasty and is used for abhishekam. some are in tapovanam at govindapuram with mettur. in fact mettur swamigal has even written a letter to CM Gujarat Modi, to some how ensure gosamrakshana.

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