Some face lifts to the site….


First and foremost, as you must have noticed, I tried to change the theme of this blog (i get frequently bored with status-quo) and experimented with a new theme – just to realize that it didn’t add much value for $75 I paid…..instead, I tried playing with some colors – paid only $30 – just to make sure that the reading experience is good, given the fact that the average age group of our readers are 60+ !!! Please let me know if you all like this color combination….

Secondly, I made a small change in the way how comments appear. Earlier, your comments show up immediately after you write. Going forward, it will come to me for moderation before they appear. I had to make this change to ensure the sanctity of this site and to preserve our guru bakthi towards our acharyas. Recent experience with comments forced me to take this approach. This, in no way, would change the way how one writes their comments. if you notice any other behavior in the process of commenting, please bring it to my attention.

Lastly, I was out in India due to personal situation and got back only last week. ever since I am back, I’ve been traveling a lot due to business commitments, which prevents from posting frequently. In fact i am typing this while I am flying. Hopefully things will get better…

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara


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  1. Now the website looks lot better. Thanks mahesh.We all are keenly awaiting shri.balu mama’s interview which u mentioned will be out shortly. pls upload

  2. It is my humble opinion that you may replace the portrait of Maha Periava ( left side for the viewer ) with a better ONE.

  3. There is no question of using the word boaring one never get bored over daily foods . Itmore than enjoying the nector We have to go with nature
    further audio quality is some times requires filtering i suggest a briefig with the video then and there will be of use

  4. anantharaman viswanathan,adambakkam

    The website looks very good.Jaya Jaya Sankara

  5. It looks very crisp now Mahesh. Love the darker, bigger font too and the pleasing contrast with the light background.

  6. colors are dominating Maha Periyaval saffron clothes.

  7. heard you all loud and clear. Few quick changes made. Fonts were increased – yes, now it is much easier on my eyes also. Changed the background to something lot more whiter than before….Temporarily put this header image – will change to something more apt images soon. I always like changes – i get too bored with routine things too soon 🙂

  8. Also, I forgot add some research findings about usability of websites. There are some documents available about this research. Since you gave some demographic information about the users, this information may be useful for you as well.

    I have read a government document that suggests using fonts less that 12 elicit slower reading performance from the users. For people over 65+, a font size of 14 is suggested. A font size less than 9 should never be used.

    I will find the document from my archives and may be able to send to you if you are interested. You can send me an email,


  9. Mahesh,

    You have been doing a wonderful job. There is no question on that. I like your approach of taking opinions from readers so that the reading experience is good.

    I am not sure of these new colors, whether they are any better to the eyes than a white background. We use white boards with different colors at work. White boards won the war over black boards for multiple reasons. One of the main reasons is the appearance of colors on a white background as opposed to black background.

    In that context, I would like you to consider having white background for text region at least. You can see what others say also.

    My 2 cents…

  10. Maha Periyava Thiruvadi Saranam. Wonderful Mahesh. really i dont how to thank and appreciate your efforts. ellam mahaperiyava anugraham. I think this pose he gave it in SRI SRI SRI MEELA ADIMAI PRADOSHA MAMAS house, i think even now they preserve this joola in their house
    with mahaperiyavas big size photograph even they do pooja every day this. really fantastic. mahaperiyava thiruvadi saranam

  11. Shri Mahesh

    I am receiving all the information regarding mahaswami everyday. Thanks a lot for the same. I am sending those information all my friends who are followers of mahaswami. They also conveyed their thanks for the wonderful service. keep going. all the best.



  12. there is divinity added one of MAHA PREYAVA HIMSELF the other of the divine yellow colour. good going

  13. Mahesh,

    Thank you for a fresher look. My only comment would be to see if the font size can be increased by 1 point size to enhance readability. Other than this observation, the colour, line spacing are fine.

    Best regards

  14. normal white background is always better .. font could be slight bigger for elders like me to read without strain .. all the best
    Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankara!

  15. Nice-but give some ground beneath his feet. he appears to be floating. to my knowledge he was a”down to earth’ person!

  16. i am confused now. when i am seeing this site on my laptop the background looks lot lighter…when i made all the changes in my ipad, it looked little i dont see any brownish tint at all! not sure why there is a big difference in color between two computers….

    • well sir on a white back ground perhaps computer experts may say that it is a little straining but i dont know. to me as i told you earlier it makes no difference because i see only periava in whatever i read and nothing else. there is a recent calendar where mahaperiava is giving aseervathams with his left hand with the back ground of kamakshi. perhaps it may be fitting. in any case when i open the computer i see periava and of course lifting his hands would make me feel better perhaps as an octogenerian. n.ramaswami

  17. Dear Mr.Mahesh
    I fully agree with Mr. Jagadesan’s views above with regard to add colors and catch the sought of the readers a who are above the age of 50 on average.To add my suggestion humbly that whether to have the picture of Mahaperiyaval’ giving asirvatham to bhaktha’s . It will be so powerful and confidence and happiness to us when we open the mail at the start of the day.
    Thanks for enlisting our opinion
    Meena Sridharbalan

  18. Thank you so much for taking so much interest and improving the look of the site. It looks very good now.
    I only have one suggestion to make. Our comments appear in a very light color – I mean the text coloring.
    Can it be a bit more darker ?? It will be easier on the eye to read. many times I have had to strain the eye
    to read the light shaded text. Kindly see if you can do something about this. Otherwise, it is an awesome
    site and I have forwarded the link to many friends of mine. Thanks for your commitment.
    All his Blessings !!!
    Nagi Narayanan.


  20. Whatever you do it has the approval our SRI SRI KANCHI PERIYAVAL.
    Please go ahead

  21. Sri Chandrasekhara Gurubyo namaha( Kanchi and Sringeri Maha sannidanam)

    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

    Dear Mahesh sir,

    Please don’t change the web site with any colors. The reason was I found not impressive and I assume in Maha periyaval point of view
    – should be simple without eye strain( colors impact on our mind)
    – Easy to understand not to search too much ( if we change the tabs on the top makes sense)
    – If we keep simple navigation is very easy.( dont need flash based rollings etc).

    – Maha Periyval always reiterates live in simple (Even Sri Ramana maharshi also says same, he used the waster paper to write RIBU gita) and Mahans do not waste unnecessarily
    – Guru Bhakthy to be extraordinary stage for all of us and the blog promoting that.
    – Maha periyaval lives in all the devotees ( sringeri and Kanchi) . we give our reverence all the time Sringeri Maha Sannidanam also( it is only my appeal, In Maha periyaval time, Maha Sannidanam lived( H.H Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathy Swamigal), we also put Maha Sannidanam Divya Managala roopam.
    – My sincere suggestion was please show the Lotus padam of the devotees such as Thiagu Mama, veda Murthy and balu Mama age people who associated with Maha Periyaval when interviews held with them.( we all can perform Sastanga namaskarams from here)
    – Do not worry about ultra devotees , They always there in both Kingdom.
    – Please also add epdf in the same blog.
    – we respect all , we prostrate to great saints and Seers.
    – we must be very proud that this blog allows to express Bhakthy towards Maha Periyaval and Sringeri Maha Sannidanam and no other blogs gives this much freedom
    – No one should repent in the future,I have not heard about this great Saints such as Sri. Maha periyaval of Kanchi and Maha Periyaval of Sringeri the real Jivan mukthas

    I presented my views above and rest Maha Periyaval will take care about this blog.

    I apologies if any above statements hurt you or this blog people.

    I stayed with Bala Periyaval to help for Deemed Uni from Hyderabad. he knows me well.

    Mahesh, I have small personal request I can send you mail if you permit.

    Going to my afternoon Madyanikam at home.

    Chandra Sekhara Chandra Sekhara Pahimam,Chandra Sekhara Chandra Sekhara Raksham,

    12:00 PM AEST

  22. Love the colors Mahesh! I also like the fact that comments go directly to you so you can filter them.

  23. This looks very nice Mahesh. You’ve chosen one of the best photos of Sri Maha Perivaa – which especially without the Kreetam – that’s how HE HIMSELF wanted that to be seen by HIS devotees. I’m personally glad that you had chosen this. Best wishes!

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