“நான் புது பெரியவா மாதிரியே இல்ல!”

“நான் புது பெரியவா மாதிரியே இல்ல!” (Don’t I resemble Pudu Periyava in this picture!) — Thus exclaimed Mahaswamigal to a devotee, in so much of happiness, when he had shown this picture to Him.

mahaperyava as Jayendra saraswathi swamigal

One of our readers had poured her heart out in comments yesterday to Mahesh’s post. I have taken this paragraph from her post.


In a couple of dreams, Mahaperiyava has shown me that He and Pudhuperiva are one and the same, and whatever I offer Him goes to PudhuPeriva and vice versa. He has also blessed me with 3 dreams, where it is said that PudhuPeryava is ‘Sakshat Kamakshi’. He even made me see the resemblance of Pudhuperiyava in one of his pictures, before others in these blogs seems to have noted it. It was later narrated in one of the videos., as if Mahaperiyava was confirming it to me.



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  1. Dear Ravi

    Really amazing. Its enough and self explanatory. Bala

  2. If I read any sort of arguments about Peetams of Sringeri and Kanchi about our Achryas, my mind is filled with sorrows and i shed my tears like anything, My nitya anustanam and Japam all gets disturbed and I can not concentrate more.

    I could not write many days any comments because of the above. I was totally disturbed and I dont want to see my progress going to retrospective.
    we are not meant for arguments or defending one is high or another is low about our Achryas.

    our life goal is not for that. we are born as brahmin (vadama,smartha, Iyyengar etc), how to get rid of cycle of births.

    There is no guarantee that inhale breath does comes out or not,if the fate is written that is the last breath for some one.

    Hence we must utitlise properly our life in the day for good purposes not for establishing truths.


    • I do not denigrate any Mutt or Acharya and I do not wish to carry on this dialogue.Let me sum up this with an incident where Sri.NarsimhaBharathi Swamiji blessed Mahaperiyava. In 1908 when Kumbabhishkeam of Akhilandeshwari was to be performed,both Acharyas had come and sought the view of Court at Trichy.Then the Dist.court pronounced the verdict that HH.Mahaperiyava being the peethadhipathi of Kamakoti peeta should perform even though he was a young lad of 14 and asked Sringeri Acharya to leave the place.
      On hearing this Mahaperiyava expressed a view that they wanted the court only to judge on who should perform the consecration and this order was unnecessary and beyond the reference.On hearing this view of Mahaperiyava,HH.Sringeri Acharya appreciated the analytical clarity of Mahaperiyava at such a young age and blessed that Kanchi Mutt would attain glorious heights during his reign and left the place

  3. Sri Chandrasekhara Gurubyo Namaha( Kanchi and sringeri)

    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara
    Sri Kamakashi and Sri Sharada Amabal charanam;

    Today Anusham and happy day for all of us. Maha periyval will be there today with all.

    I appeal to all devotees we need not worry who found the Kalady but it is one of the Achryas of our Peetams( Sringeri and Kanchi).

    If you are aware Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathy swamigal of Sringeri said one time, whatever proposed or performed by Sri Kanchi swamigal( Sri Chandrasekharendra sarawathy ) holy tasks the same performed by H.H of Sringeri( H.H Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathy swamigal). There is no difference in them because both are belongs to Sri Adishankara peetam.

    Maha periyaval of Kanchi gave award to one person with title called “Thirupazh mani” and the same person went to see Srirngeri Swamigal( H.H Sri Chandrasekharra Bharathy Swamigal) and told that kanchi Maha periryaval gave award . H.H Sringeri replied keep the same that Sringeri mutt also gave to you.( now can we imagine there is no additional award provided by H.H of sringeri).

    we must only worry about this mahans when again born. what we are missing now who will compensate. why our bhakthy is very low and when attain the feet of parama gurus.

    -we should worry why we are not performing our Nitya karmas( Sandyavandanam)
    -why we are not taking care our parents and not respecting them
    why we are not doing Bikshavandanam to our achryas.
    why we are not spending money to holy tasks.
    why we are not taking saffron for Lord Chandramouliswara Abishekam when we visit kanchi or sringeri peetams.
    why our thoughts are not going towards Dharma side.

    I am ardent devotee of both peetams and litter ally I cry even on the road the moment think about Our Achryas of Kanchi and Srirngeri.( for me Sri chadrasekhara swamigal and Sri Abinva Vidya Teertha swamigal).

    Please listen to this multi media of Sringeri.


    (33rd JAGADGURU OF SRINGERI: a documentary film
    Documentary Film on 33rd Jagadguru of Sringeri /)

    My Sastanga Namaskarams to divine feet of sringeri and Kanchi Maha sannidanam

    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara sankara

    7:56 AM AEST

  4. Can some one knowledgeable clarify this claim as per Chinmaya mission that they have the ‘Melpazhur Mana’ now named as Adi Sankara Nilayam? (the birth place of Adi Sankara).


  5. It may be of interest to know that it was with Mahaperiyava’s guidance,Late.Nadukaveri Srinivasa sastri located the birth place of Shri.Adisankara at Kalady .But as the Mutt was financially not sound at that time,SriSastry asked Mahaperiyava whether he could approach Shringeri Mutt for building a temple there to which Mahaperiyava whole heartedly consented.Thats how Kalady Adisankara temple and Aryamba temple came to be in possession of Shringeri.
    Also I have heard from my son who used to assist H.H.Puduperiyava that Mahaperiyava forbade him from accepting Bhiksha at Kalady as Adisankara cursed them that for their non cooperation in cremating his mother that Sanyasis would not partake Bhiksha at Kalady.Hence Puduperiyava mentioned that he used to visit Kalady during Ekadasi days only.Even Iam not aware whether Mahaperiyava visited Kalady

    • Dear Shri Sundar,

      I am a bit puzzled when I read your post. Our family which is based in Trichur has done Bhiksha to Sri Pudu Periyaval at least twice at Kalady- once at the time of consecration of the Keerthi Stoopi (late 70’s ?( and next during his later visit in 2003 for Shankara Jayanthi. So I am not able to accept the suggestion that HH will visit Kalady only on Ekadashi and also will not have Bhiksha in Kalady .
      No disrespect to anyone please.

  6. I remember when I had darshan of both Balaperiyava and Mahaperiyava at Kurnool before the start of Chaturmasya,I was fortunate to get an opportunity to carry the holy Padukas of both in my head when they had their ceremonial bath in Hundri river. Later I had darshan of Puduperiyava in Nandigotkur and mentioned that I did not have occasion to carry His padukas,he jocularly remarked with a pun that only They are Full swamijis as He is only a Kaal Swamiji making a pun between between being Bare footed and One-fourth.
    Later I had a very big blessing when Mahaperiyava as well Puduperiyava graced me with Their padukas which is in my puja

    • So blessed you are Shri Sundar. Shankara.

    • I am aware of Sri Pudu Periyaval to visiting Kalady several times since the Shankara Stoopi was installed. Even in the last decade, I recall HIS visit to Kalady around the time of Sri Sankara Jayanthi.
      What I wish to know from members is ” are there any references to Sri Mahaperiyava visiting Kalady during HIS time? I could not locate such a reference even in the Divya Charitram that describes all significant incidents in HIS like.
      Please advise your views.

  7. To all Blog readers,

    With my limited and immature knowledge, I would like to share few things in the interest of common good.

    Whenever you start anything for the common good, you will face hurdles. Thousand people will share thousand opinions. Your focus shouldn’t shift from the purpose. Mahaswami himself has said this to multiple devotees.”Parapokaram seyanomnu irangittah nallu per nallu vidhama pesuva”

    HH Jayendra Saraswathi himself has answered the questions related to a recent post on this blog in one of the old movies that was shot to mark the 50th year anniversary of his tenure at Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam.


    “Guruji parampara se aah raha he. Dakhina moorthi se, Naryana se, Lekhin Aadhi shankara charya ji se Parampara se aah raha he. Parampara se aane me ek laabh hotha he. Eekh Aadhmi dhoosra aadhmi koh thayyar kartha he. Thayyar khar ne me unkha haath se sir par ashirvadh kharke Dheeksha kharke oh shakthi thakath parampara se aaraha he. Achanakh jho guru ji hoga unka thakath nahi milega. Apna vithihi thakath hoga. Lekhin parampara se aane vala ke bhada shakthi eise eise parampara se aah raha he isi liye kaha

    Shambhor murthi hi charathi bhuvane shakaracharya roopa

    Shambo kha parameshwar ka jo shakthi he oyi shankara rup me ho kharke shankaracharya rup me aajh khal bhi chal raha he.”
    Jagadgurus come from a parampara. This athyanth parampara starts from Dakshina moorthy, Naryana, Aadhi Shankaracharya and then the parampara has been further expanded. The advantage of this parampara is each person in the chain mentors his sishya and transfers all the energy and power. There can be many gurus but not all gurus have this energy and power transferred through this parampara.
    That’s why it has been said “Shankaracharya’s are Jagadgurus with the same power Lord Ishwara, the creator of universe”

    Jagadgurus are Jagad “Guru”s. They have sacrificed their life for the common good. Can we take a step back and think for a minute before commenting about them? While we should appreciate the freedom of expression, let’s think whether we have the right credentials to comment on Jagadguru’s. Instead think, What makes you visit this blog? Does your thought process change after visiting this blog? Spiritualism is nothing but finding answers to unknown questions. Jagadgurus are living form of supreme power who guide the world in the right direction.

    To Blog Admin,
    Don’t react to comments. People make opinions based on known facts. But it takes multiple janmas to discover the unknown. Reacting to comments defeats the purpose of Sanathana Dharma. We have to lead by example. So, if we advocate a Dharma we need to Practice it first.

    PS: I don’t know why and how I posted this at 3AM in the morning. It would be great if you can edit and create a new blog post to covey this.

  8. Dear DIVINE lovers/followers,Very immensly pleased to note OM SRI MAHA PERIYAVA’S word about his successor.All the DIVINE SENDS are
    the hamsams of OM SRI DIVINE.We all pray to ALMIGHTY that whoever thinks wildly about saints will get punished and nobles get protected.
    GOD is there to record all our deeds and pass suitable rewards and punishments.Ensure that no creations of DIVINE in whatever form gets harmed

  9. yes i see periava! there is a saying in upanishad yath paschathi thath paschati ……n.ramaswami

  10. Jay a jay a sankara

  11. My first look at the picture revealed that it is Sri Mahaperiyaval only. After reading the brief, i realized that it is Sri Puduperiyaval, who looks exactly like Sri Mahaperiyaval. No doubt about their outward appearance. It is all Sri kamakshi Devi’s thiruvulayadal.

  12. Yes it is absolutely correct. He mandates that Whoever is ordained as peedathipathy they are one and the same and it is sheer ignorance to compare them with one another as they are the souls of Adhi Sankara.Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

  13. As far as the devotees of Sri Sri Sri Kanchi Kama KOti Peetam is concerned the words of our Acharyal is the final. “Follow the leader face the devil” is our motto. Our leader is the Acharyal Only.

  14. My goodness. Seeing this photograph after Maha Periyavaa’s version (நான் புது பெரியவா மாதிரியே இல்ல!”) precisely look alike Pudhu Periyavaa. How can Maha Periyavaa’s successor hand picked by him be so different from him?

    Chandrasekhara Chandrasekhara Chandrasekhara Paahimaam
    Chandrasekhara Chandrasekhara Chandrasekhara Rakshamaam

    Maha Periyavaa Thiruvadi Saranam

  15. There is not doubt.There is not an iota of difference between Maha Periyavaa and Pudu Periyavaa. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  16. What doubt is there? Maha Periyava and Periyava are one and the same. All AcharyaLs are Adi Sankara incarnate. Thanks for the picture. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  17. Smile and Grace are exactly like Puduperiyava


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