Experience with Mahaperiyava – Smt Radha

Smt Radha(78 years) maami recalls her unforgettable moments with Mahaperiyava.


  • Mahaperiyava as Pillaiyar, chandramouliswarar,Kamakshi, Mahavishnu…
  • ‘விளாம்பழ bikshai’
  • Pudhukottai Smt Jaana’s devotion
  • ” Who discovered electricity and when? ” – Mahaperiyava’s ஹாஸ்யம்
  • ஜீயருக்கு விசிறி

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  1. This is one of the best interviews I had seen in recent times.. I could’t believe how many devotees like this having so profound experiences in their hearts.. Mami has explained in depth bhakthi with Maha Periyaval and received Anugraham from Periyaval… So many incidences in just two hours of interview.. Maha Periyaval is Chandramouleeshwara… Otherwise, each and every devotee will not have such great devotion.. Just by listening this kind interviews, helped me to get more Bhakthi with Maha Periyaval.. Mami is a blessed soul…

  2. I am the lucky granddaughter of this maami :-)…Proud to have a grandmother like this,God bless her !

  3. Masterclass. What a blessed Mami. Shankara.

  4. Nammil Oruvaraihi namakku nalam purindha Nambiesan Padhangale Charanam

    Wonderful. LOng to meet Mrs . Jana and Radha mami.
    Mami i ve a question? Has Periyaval ever mentioned about Pudukottai ShriMatha Bhuvaneswari. [our kula deivam] If so PLS LET US KNOW.

    Meena Sridharbalan
    Daughterinlaw of Pudhukottai Vengu Iyer family]

  5. hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara , please post janaa mami experience which highly appreciated

  6. Posted: Fri Nov 03, 2006 10:44 am Post subject: PARAMACHARYA’S BLESSINGS
    Last week – my close suffered a heart attack in Chennai (last Thursday night). He is in Chennai and family in Madurai.

    Thankfully he called his local friends and admitted him in a hospital in Kodambakkam and was in ICU. I am a very close friend of his and was very disturbed since we had visited the Matham, Tirupati and sabarimala together in sep 06. Doctors carried out tests and told his who came down from Madurai that his heart was functioning only at 36% and that he may have to go undergo a bypass.

    I visited Nerul kamakshi kovil and went to the temple l of Paramcharya’s photos. I am very attached to one old photograph of his which radiates even today. I sat in front of it and sang “apara karuna …..” with tears in my eyes and prayed for my friends health with a prayer that he be cured without any operation.

    On Wednesday my friend was admitted to Apollo where they carried out an angiogram.

    The doctors concluded that there is no need for angioplasty or bypass and that he can be cured by medicines. My friend’s wife called up and in between tearful cries told me this good news. I told her I am sure that Mahaperiyava had showered his blessings on the couple. I spoke to him today and he had this to say…. “when I suffered the attack I looked at mahaperiayava’s photo and started praying . It is Mahaperiyava who saved me”.

    Apara karuna sindhum gnanadham shanta rupinum
    sree chandrasekhara gurum pranamami

    • This incident reminds us Maha Periyavaa will be with us whenever sincere and unadulterated bhakthi comes out from us. About 3 months ago when I visited Sri Matham, Narayana maama who attends to Bala Periyavaa, while speaking to him he told me people call him in various titles like Sankaraaachaarya, Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi, Periyavaa, Kanchi Peetadhipadhi etc., but we should realise what is inside the adhishtaanam is Suddha Brahmam. If you have any issues, come here, do five pradakshinams to the adhishtaanam and place your issues before him, you will see issues running out from you. But to answer your true bhakthi he has done everything from the place where you prayed.

      From just 36% functioning of heart to……. cure through normal medicines…, not able to control my tears. Narayana Maama’s words still linger in my ears while reading this.

      Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara, Maha Periyavaa Thiruvadi Saranam.

  7. Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2006 2:25 pm Post subject:
    Here is the one that I hit upon while searching of SriCaranar’s greatness:

    Ref: http://www.saileelas.org

    Here, I am reminded of an incidence / instance how saints (SadGurus) solve the problems of their devotees with their divine power. (Daivika Sakthi) H.H. Kanchi Paramacharya Chandra Sekarendra Saraswathi swamigal (widely & popularly known as periaval) some decades ago was camping with his disciples on the banks of Hagari river (near Bellary) for observance of “Chatarmasa Vratam”.

    The farmers of Bellary district were reeling under severe drought condition. No water to drink and no water to sow seeds. (Bellary district is always a dry area in Karnataka area to scanty rainfall). All the farmers approached Swamiji and entreated with him to come out of their water problem. Swamiji, being moved with their pitiable condition, told them to do “VARUNA JAPAM” (invoking the Blessings of rain gods for pouring rains).

    They told him that they have already performed “VARUNA JAPAM” continuously for 24hrs, previously but of no avail, and said “Swamiji if you bless us now, we will do it again. “Swamiji told them that his Blessings are always there on those who undertake such noble acts for world peace, and also asked them to start “VARUNA JAPAM” immediately and also chant the panchakshari (five syllabled mantra) “OM NAMA SIVAYA” continuously for 24hrs. This they did. Wonder of wonders !! It rained in cats & dogs. The farmers were immensely pleased and began to dance praising Swamiji’s greatness (MAHIMA).

    They uttered loudly “Bolo Swamiji Ki Jai, HARA HARA MAHADEVA” which thrilled everybody and the vibrations of this Jay Jayakar attracted the whole village and the news of the miracle (Pouring rains) of Swamiji’s greatness spread like wild fire throughout Bellary Distrusts. People started coming in large numbers from all parts of Karnataka to have Swamiji’s darshan and pay obeisance to him. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara. (This incidence was personally witnessed by Sai Jeevi, who with other Swamiji’s devotees went to Hagari from Hubli to have his darshan and pay obeisance to him).

  8. Nameskaram Mami
    — Blessed by MahaPeriyava — I have been thinking about MahaPeriayava for 2 hours fantastic

  9. Experiences of Smt. Radha are very unique & sharing with us place us in higher pedestal .
    Hara Hara Sankara,
    Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  10. I am having problems after 30 mins of listening to Smt Radha’s video interview,seems to stop abruptly..Could you please check it?

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