Yati Mahalayam – Mathura 2012


Shri B.Shridhar of Mumbai along with many devotees & volunteers of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt has been sincerely doing Yati Mahalayam at various places in North India. This year it was performed in Mathura on 12October2012. It is amazing to see so many sadhus in one room and being honored by Periyava…..

Enjoy the photos & videos & get Blessed!

Thanks to Shri Guruvayurappan for the share.



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  1. Till now i haven’t got what is Yati Malayam?, Please tell us about it.

    • mahalyam is the perod durig which all our departed elders are revretially remebered by performing thithis.
      a yathi is one who has forgone wordly life has a duty to perform thihi like remembereance to his guru. this is called yathi mahalayam. this is my understanding and am sharing here thanks

  2. sir, can u pl.explain what is yatimahalayam?

  3. So divine to see.

  4. No one till now explained what is Yati Mahalayam ?

  5. Delighted to see the photos. But i am still at a loss to know the meaning of Yati Mahalayam? Can you explain the meaning of ot? Jaya Jaya Shankara.

  6. Excellent photos- pray all of us stay firm and devotional……….Venkat

  7. Very very rare incident bring to all of us through photos.We saw the function very first in our life.Our thanks to you all in tons.Hara Hara Sankara… Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  8. What is yati Mahalayam? Kindly give details

  9. kudos to Shri Shridhar

  10. Mr Sridhar. I am really thankful to you for giving us lot of valuable
    information through this thread. Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

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