New menu item (Interview Index) added

Please see the menu on the top of the page. I just added an index page for all interviews done so far. This page is just to make it easier for readers to see all video interviews in one page – like a table of contents. This is still an experiment until we find a firm solution….

Hope this is useful.

Thanks to Professor Sridhar for pushing me to do this…..

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  1. Dear Sri Mahesh,

    sometime back,I had written that while opening mahaperiyava’s upanyasams audio,it says no file found.Will u kindly see what is the problem?

    I am using mac pc 2011 version.

    best wishes

    v.p.raman siruseri chennai

    • regardless of whether it is Mac or PC, the upanyasams should work – i checked this morning – all are working. However, the “download” link is not working – I will fix this shortly.

  2. Dear sir,We are delighted to hear/read all the articles.Some interviews are not sound enough and have stoppages in the
    middle.If you could edit them as books,we will be able to enjoy these valuable,precious,revelant to all times assets in an

  3. Thank you very much Sir.

    Balasubramanian NR

  4. Great help. I wish all these interviews are converted to text and shown, pdf or otherwise.

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