Sathyamangalam Atirudram 2012

Great video capture of this event. Please listen to the initial interview of how Mahaperiyava chose this place for Atirudram. As usual, Shivaraman and Shri Ganesh Sharma did a fantastic job with the interview and coverage..


Check out these photos as well::

Categories: Announcements, Devotee Experiences


3 replies

  1. Mahapeiryavalin Mattrumoor arbhutham.
    thanks for uploading.

    i think Smt.Vaishnavi & Shri ChandrasekaraBharathi sastrigal are Shri Panchami mama’s daughter & sonilla.

  2. Absolutely fantastic…..a divine experience

  3. Shankara. What a beautiful video. Did not know what to admire, the beauty of Sathyamangalam, that simple ‘cook’ Mama who started Adirudram, the mighty Bhavani river, Periva coming in the ‘Parisal’, the blessed Vaishnavi and Chandrasekara Bharathi couple, Vinyakaram playing the ghatam so majestically and humbly, the divine Rudram/Chamakam, the enthusiastic devotees, the nice photography and interviews of Shri Shivaraman and Shri Ganesha Sharma and the noble service of Shri Mahesh….Shankara, You made me happy.

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