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I am glad to announce starting of another interesting video series. Unlike the other devotees’ experiences who have lived, interacted with Mahaperiyava, here in this series you will see devotees with a different flavor…. We all know Deivathin Kural – how seriously we have taken His advises into our lives? Watch this series and see how this has transformed these peoples lives.

Here is Shri Ganesha Sharama’s introduction…..

Please note that I will continue to post devotees’ experience series as usual in addition to this.

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  1. Dear Mr Mahesh, Could you please upload Video of Sri Ganesh Sharma’s Upayasam of Sir Mahaperiyava.



  2. wonderful introduction to the new series

  3. Mahesh Sir .. I am in Seattle now. If you can pls. call me on this number 4259963483. It is my pleasure to hear yr voice. Regards .. VKSWAMY

    • Are there any MahaPeriyava Aradhana events/Satsang happening in Seattle ? i’ll be glad to hear from you.

      • pl check the global satsang link under “important links” box on the right of the web page to see if there is any..

      • Hello Shobana,

        Every month maha periyava anusha jayanthi is celebrated in the Seattle area. Venue: veda temple, Redmond
        18109 NE 76th St, Redmond, WA 98052

  4. cograts for starting the new video series and glad to note that you would continue with Devotees’ experiences also

    thank you,mahesh

  5. Very nice Mahesh. I am one of them whose life has taken a U Turn. But I have seen Him once. Am I still qualified to be an interview candidate? :))

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