Vacation and Updates …

I know it has been a while since I actively posted articles/videos etc. Work is getting busier – more travel, meetings, calls etc…..crazy life…Also getting ready for my vacation to India starting Friday……All together, keeping me busy…..

Few updates::

1. On the video interviews series – I got another 20+ interviews from Shri Shivaraman and starting to edit…..As I am going to be in India starting Friday, I am not sure about the internet access etc at my father’s place. If  I get proper bandwidth, I will continue to upload – otherwise, there could be some delays. Nevertheless, we will be in touch!

2. On the veda samrakshana funds, so far, we have pledges totaling nearly Rs 2 Lakhs and have received cheques for nearly Rs 75,000. I am going to wait for few more weeks to collect cheques before presenting in the bank. I hope the rest of the folks send their contribution sooner. Also will keep you all posted as it develops….

Planning to go to more temples near Thanjavur, Kumbakonam, Chidambaram area during this trip. Hope Lord Chandramouleeswarar blesses me to cover more temples with less hurdles….

Lastly, I am excited to be in India for Maha Shivarathiri…..couple of years back, I was at the mutt and Lord Ekambareswarar Temple on Maha Shivarathiri… Not sure where He wants me this time!

Will be in W.Mambalam during my Chennai stay…..Heard that the weather in Chennai is unusually great?! Waiting to get out of snowstorms in Chicago and get some pleasant weather there and most importantly eat some great food ….craving for lot of authentic food 🙂




Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara!!


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  1. if you happened to visit delhi, inform me. Am staying close to delhi 20km from airport.


  2. Sir, i am vijayalakshmi from r a puram, chennai,i really see your dedication to mahaperiyava thro your site. the spiritual charge created thro it is immeasurable. if you happen to visit mylapore during your visit, i shall meet you

  3. Yes mhesh, so many well wishers,vying with one another,inviting. Take care of children, yes in KMU,they will enter one temple with you and come out through another temple while you stand engrossed in the other temple before the Amman Sannidhi

    Time permits,interview devotees, innocent,childlike, ,simple,blessed -how Savithri Mahadevan says how her sister sanctioned instantly two lakhs for the gold-plating of the pooja items because Mahaperiyavaa wished so. Even P.C. can not do so! Vittalur patti selling the cow to do Bhikshai,Thukkiri patti forsaking the Rama namas in her credit for a good cause to become Ramar patti. We were neither here with Periyavaa nor there

    Do not know where to keep my simple soap box amidst the multitude of lotions and creams in the rest room! HELP!

  4. Dear Mahesh,

    Happy and divine holidays for you in India.

    I would like to invite you and readers on this article.

    Norwegian child welfare authorities for taking away the three-year-old son and one-year-old daughter of Bhattacharyas.for the perceived shortcomings in their parenting.

    link is here

    Naturally we feel very sad about this incident and may the Mahaperiyavva who is no different from Supreme Compassionate Mother Sri Kamakshi and Chandramouliswara Swamy bless the parents and children unity and safety. I am sure all our prayers together will unite the children with parents.

    Tvam-Eva Maataa Ca Pitaa Tvam-Eva |
    Tvam-Eva Bandhush-Ca Sakhaa Tvam-Eva |
    Tvam-Eva Viidyaa Dravinnam Tvam-Eva |
    Tvam-Eva Sarvam Mama Deva Deva ||

    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.


  5. Dear Sir. I have down loaded the file Echangudi sankara ganapadigal expperiance with MahaPeriavaEven though it shows 1hr 19 mts talk only 12 mts are there after ward it become silent.I hatried to down load from u tube, google search word press with all soft ware of real down loader ,final media down loader,internet down load manager but of no use.
    can you pls verify whether it is of 80 mts or only 12 mts. Here Inindia even with 512 speed I am not able to down load .please help

  6. Glad to note that you will be on a visit to Chennai. My friend Shri V Thiagarajan and I have sent our little contribution to the addressee as mentioned by you. I would like to know whether the post has reached at all. My bank account has not been debited so far. Hence the apprehension. JAYA JAYA SANKARA HARA HARA SANKARA


    • Don’t worry…. It will take another 3-4 weeks before the cheques are presented in the bank. I will have someone confirm the receipt of your cheques….

      Lastly, there is nothing called little – all donations are treated equally….

      Thanks a lot for your contribution…..

      Mahesh Sent from my iPad

  7. Hi

    Wish you a nice vacation. I am sure “Periava” will guide you.

    Was there in Chidambaram myself last week. In fact it is thanks to you. I happen to watch Shri Bhatt of Satara temple a few days earlier in your holy blog. The pongal holidays provided the right window. It was divine to be near Nataraja and blessed to watch abhishekams to Spadika Lingam and Rathna Sabhapathi.

    Have a nice stay.


    • Glad that you were there in Chidambaram last week and got a great darshan…the Rathnasabapathi abishekam is my favorite… fact, last time when I was there, they chanted the whole of Taitriya Upanishad and I was missing my books – so couldn’t chant fully…so, this time, I already packed my books!! As a backup, I also loaded my ipad with most of the vedic documents…

  8. Sree Mahesh

    Like many have said earlier, you definitely deserve this vacation and hope you visit a number of temples too. Hope we can expect a post on all the temples and deities you visit, once you come back. 🙂

    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

  9. Hi,
    Glad to see the post. Happy to connect – contact at 9841049917 in you get a chance. Can go to kamakshi mama’s house to see swami’s paduka. Regards

  10. Dear Sri Mahesh… Great to know that you will be in West Mambalam.. I live in W.Mambalam too.. I am really looking forward to meeting/talking to you to share few things about Sri Sri Maha Periyaval.. I would to invite to our home…Give me a call if you get a chance @ 98844 60904 / 4266 8907. Email : Stay in touch,
    With regards, Ganesh Kumar

  11. Dear Mahesh,

    Certainly you need a break and fortunately, you have chosen the right places. enjoy your holidays. if any plan of coming to Bangalore, pl call 0 9945695670 , we will provide delitious southindian food.


  12. Heartiest Welcome to your Motherland.
    By the Grace of Maha Periyaval ,let your mission meet with success and achieve many more laurels.
    We are eagerly awaiting your future renaissance.
    Good wishes for a happy & Holy sojourn.
    Tranquebar Nityanandan.

  13. Dear Shri Magesh,

    When you come to Chennai, pl give a call to 9444392452 and I will steal some minutes to be with you to share some happy moments chatting about Mahaswamigal and Bhagavan Ramana.


  14. Welcome,mhesh. As i mentioned in one of my replies , if you have time,please visit Eechangudi to meet Chandhramouli there. Please keep me informed about your trip to bangalore,you are always welcome. Dalmiapuram,thiruvanaikovil,srirangam may be in the itinerary.Don’t get lost in kumbakonam! Good news on veda samrakshana!

    All the best,mhesh

    • You’re absolutely right on Kumbakonam….once I start putting together names of the temples to visit, it seems like I need an year to spend there – there is so much to see 🙂

  15. I allways read this website.we are also devotees of paramacharya.last year we went to Kanchipuram at the time of Jeyendra saraswathi swamiji birthday celebrations.we had very good time.thanks for posting all the information.Have wonderfull trip.

  16. Great News, Welcome back to Chennai (West Mambalam””) where are u going to stay in favourite place

  17. That’s excellent news Shri Mahesh. I can sense lots of excitement in your note. And you deserve every bit of it. Please bring us lots of photos, videos and if you can manage couple of interviews with other devotees that would be great. If you can, please visit Pradosham Mama’s home in Collector’s office at Kanchi and tell us your experiences!

    Also, please go around Kamakshi Amman’s sanctum sanctorum 5 times and doing a namaskaram every time ie a total of 5 times. Swamigal has said that Ambal loves it if done this way and this is quite special. (He has told this in an incident in which He exhorts a paati who had required a gold chain to complete the marriage of her daughter/grand daughter to go around 5 times; she saw a gold chain lying on the ground when she was going around the 4th time and stopped and told Him what had happened; He asked her to complete the fifth round also and the story continues).

    And please try to do Sandhya Vandanam and Gayathri Japam inside temples or by the side of rivers as the efficacy of them increases many many thousand times more. He has said this.

    All the best, and above all please bring back blessings for all of us.

    Have fun!


  18. Have a Nice Vacation and wonderful time in India seeing lot of temples !!!

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