URGENT::: PLEASE READ – change in bank details….

Dear Readers,

Please note that in my earlier communication I mentioned that cheques for payment in India and non-US should be written in favor of “The Shivarpanam Trust” – I just realized that this is wrong.

All the cheques for India/non-US should be written in favor of “Shree Shivaarpanam Trust”  (note two “aa”s) — All the other information stays the same.

If you have already mailed the cheque to chennai address, can you please send another cheque with the correct name and we will ensure that the previous one is not presented.

Extremely sorry for the confusion and  inconvenience.

If you have any questions, please send an email to me.



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  1. I am sorry for the delay in sending this mail.Can I send the check now to Chennai address?Can u give me the fone number also so that I can contact the person concerned?I shall send the check after hearing from u .

  2. Dear Mahesh
    I had made an observation in my previous note. I would have been happy had I received any comments on my suggestion. Incidentally, does our Kanchi Mutt is kept aware of this proposal ? I am hopeful that with the blessings of the Periavas in Kanchi Mutt only you have ventured in this noble cause.

  3. Dear Sri Mahesh,

    Noted the change.

    warm regards

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