2012 Veda Rakshana Drive through our blog

Dear Readers,

In continuation to my New Year message and the responses I got for initiating  veda rakshana activities at some modest level – such as supporting veda pata salas,  etc – I have some more details to share & thoughts with you. This is a little longer post – PLEASE read this fully.

To begin with, three important points::

  •  First, I thank sincerely  all who favorably responded. There is no other mission closer to our Mahaperiyava than supporting Vedic Patasalais.
  •  Second, as this whole effort is virtual, our collective commitment to this and degree of continuity in sustaining this contribution for this effort year-after-year is likely to fluctuate.  Hence, we should restrict our model only to “support existing pata sala(s)” to run without any interruption and not running/starting an entire pata sala all by ourselves.
  •  Third and most importantly, you all know that our Periyava had always wanted each and every household to give at least Rs 1 for such effort so that the punyam goes to all. He is such a karunamurthy. So, my goal is to ensure that each and every reader here contributes at least Rs 1 for this. Rather than saying “donate liberally” to a few I want to only say “please donate no matter how small your contribution is” to all.

Now, let me share some information I gathered through Shri Chandramouli (an auditor by profession)  who manages Shivarpana Trust, which is in existence only to carry out Mahaperiyava projects (veda rakshana is one of them) and some plans from my side….

1.       To run a pata sala of 10 students and 1 teacher, it takes Rs 50,000/month. This includes rent, power, healthcare, books, food, bedding for students etc. So, we need Rs 6 Lakhs per year to support one school for 1 year.  I do realize our reader base is of varied types – working, retired, students, housewives etc and the comfort level varies accordingly. With our reader base of 547 (as of today), if we could achieve Rs 1000/reader, we can easily meet this number. Also I do realize that there is no compulsion to collect Rs 6 Lakhs but given our generous heart, it should be doable.

2.       If we are able to mobilize a considerable amount, then I will share the list of padasalais that will be supported (based on the ground reality) through us and the nature of support.  Rest assured that every penny we collect would go towards vedic cause and nothing else.  We would not spend even one paise on any administrative causes for running this trust. Every paise will be channeled to the chosen padasalai.

When you send the cheques, please ensure to send  your name, address and your email id in a piece of paper along with the cheque. This is very essential for tracking. Even if you want to sponsor anonymously, I still need these info.

While donations to KKSF can be tax-deductible, contributions to Shree Shivarpanam Trust is not.  For those, who require a tax advantage through this donation, please send me an email. We need to figure different trust for this purpose. In my opinion, papas are the only thing to be deducted and punyam should be the only gain :-)

My sincere thanks to Sri Chandramouli, who has generously agreed to help me with this initiative and Professor Sridhar, who has been giving stellar support in everything I do. I will introduce these two gentlemen to this forum soon.

As a closing note, I am typically not a guy who runs any donation campaigns (in fact this is my first) and lose your trust. As I found this cause closest to our Periyava’s heart, I dared to attempt this with a hope that Periyava will guide me. Thanks to each and every reader, who has been visiting this blog and supporting me so far.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

Kanchi Shankara Kamakoti Shankara



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  1. Respected Sir,

    We are Srivaishavites and are interested in Veda Parayanam, Ekagni Kanda Parayanam, Udagashanti (Amangala Nivarana) and Tilahomam recital Gayatri 10000 at our place in Bangalore. I would be much obliged if you can kindly suggest knowledgeable person to do it.

  2. Dear Mahesh, excellent idea.. wish we identify more paatasalaas and help them grow in numbers. Please tell us how we should credit the money to you.

    thanks & regards
    Ranganaathan VV

  3. Dear Mahesh,

    Please count on me for this noble cause.


  4. The pleasure is mine,Sir.Now vedapadasalas are gradually in decreasing count,to bring them up we need to help them,it’s every hindu’s duty to join hands and preserve the Vedas and the patasalas.Sir,if I get the respective account number it would be easy for me to transfer the amount.thank you.

    Priya, a dear Facebook friend.

  5. We will be glad to assist too. Please let us know when the contribution methodology is set up. Thank you.

  6. Dear Sir,

    My parents would also like to contribute to the cause. My father’s name is Sri. H.Jagannathan and mail id is : prakashjug@gmail.com. Just read your new post on the contact information. We shall do the needful. Wanted to write this comment here so your head count can be increased by 1 !


  7. “Yes I am “very much interested” to send Rs.1,000 for this noble cause. I will surely spread the word and forward your emails to my friends who are “like-minded”.

    My answer is “YES”, I confirm to send Rs.1,000, please send me details thorugh which i can transfer my contribution. One Request, I would be “really happy” if my name is *NOT* mentioned on the donors list or papmphlets or weblinks. I follow this as a principle.

    Thanks for reading my Reply.!”

    — from an anonymous donor

  8. Namaskaram,

    I received message from Shri. Suresh, regarding this noble cause. I am ready to contribute to this. Could you please let me know the bank account details? Thank you so much for involving me in this noble cause. I will surely pass the word to my relatives and friends. Hara hara sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara.
    my mail id : pavithragct@gmail.com
    Pavithra R.

  9. thank u so much for involving me and for helping me to contribute for a noble cause…
    well, i shall ask a few friends of mine who will be willing to share…
    my mail id is vallivasanth@gmail.com
    i shall transfer the amount once i get the details of the alc to which the amount has to be transfered.
    thank u so much

  10. Hello! Nice step …my mail id is CLM@CHARULATHAMANI.COM I’ll pass the word around and also do my best.. Cheers.

    From Charulatha Mani

  11. Dear Suresh,
    Thanks for your message .would be much blessed to contribute as ” There is no other mission closer to our Mahaperiyava than supporting Vedic Patasalais”

    Ajitha Anandan my email id ajithanandan@yahoo.co.in

  12. Namaskarams,
    I am happy that i have recieved this message. Please dont ever ask for apologies when you are doing great things like this. I am more than happy to contribute and also please do send me the mails that you have drafted, i shall circulate it to my friends /familiy circle. myid:ts_rajagopal@yahoo.com


  13. “Suresh, Namaskaram !!! A good and noble cause which has been initiated by Mahesh.. May the Almighty give him the necessary strength and support in this endeavor. I will contribute as mentioned for this goodness. I would not like to be mentioned anywhere since I am a simply a human being. I will pass this on to my known circle to make a try…….. asking is our karthavya,….. giving is an individual decision. Can you please let me know how to send this amount both at India and at US”

    What a soul!

  14. From Venkateswaran Ganesan, dear FB friend

    Sure. I shall send this link to all my relatives. I shall ask my father in India to do the needful. Shall ask to pay on my behalf too. Thank you for personally messaging me to spread and do Dharma


  15. If there is an opportunity for my breadth to fall on anything associated with Maha Periyava, please count me in. My soul was blessed by him due to which I am what I am.

    From Swami Iyer dear FB friend onlyone.swamiiyer@gmail.com

  16. Hello Panchanathan suresh sir. I should be really blessed to contribute towards the protection of vedas. Please send me emails. Please order me and i will do it. I get so much of peace when i come to this community on facebook. My email id is kameshratnam@gmail.com

  17. Dear Mahesh,

    We are happy to be a small part in it and please furnish the details to enable us to forward
    the contribution.

    s.s.vasan & savithrivasan

  18. in fact i am trying for this link that you mentioned , pls send the details , sure i will take my little part in it.

    From Shri Vasan Srini — Facebook friend vasanjunu@gmail.com

  19. Hi Suresh,
    Thanks for passing this email to us. We are happy to contribute for the cause. Please let me how we can make the Donation.

    From Sai Jyothsna m_saijyothsna@yahoo.com

  20. I will donate Rs 5000. Please forward the message to appropriate person.

    From Jai Subramanian, subrajs@hotmail.com

  21. Sri Mahesh

    Pranams. A Noble cause. We will be blessed to participate in the noble endeavour. Count me in. I shall try to rope in
    friends and relatives. Apart from this, if these padasalas are listed out (so that everyone knows the existence of one in their locality) and linked to EVERY family during happy occasions starting from Ayush Homams thru Upanayanam – Wedding – Shashtiabapurthi – Sadabhishekam etc. and at least one of many yearly recurring anniversaries by performing certain appropriate actions in such padasala close to their heart or locality they live it will go a long way in sustaining this effort.

    warm regards


    • “Count me in. I shall try to rope in friends and relatives.”

      >>> We are extremely proud of your efforts Shri Murali!

  22. Dear Suresh: I confirm I will contribute Rs.1000 to the cause initiated by Sri Mahesh.Please tell me how I send this amount. I can give a check in Indian rupees or give a dollar check

    From Sundararaman Mama, That Son of Duraiswamy! dsundararaman@howard.edu

  23. Sri Mahesh,
    More than happy to do our small part in this.Could you please post here (or email) about how we can pay our dues towards this good cause.


  24. Mahesh/Suresh
    I will be delighted to contribute for this worthwhile cause.

  25. Hi Suresh! I will do this. 🙂

    From Chitra Iyer (Bhuvana) email chitrasiyer@gmail.com

  26. Mahesh,
    We are interested in contributing to the Veda Rakshana initiative of Paramacharya and we came to know of your efforts in that direction through our friend, Sri. Suresh Panchanathan. Pls let us know further details of how donations can be made so we can mobilize some more friends who we know are interested in this cause.
    The Sridharans Bhavani Sridharan

  27. Vaijayanthi Chandrasekaran — Yes Panchanathan Suresh sir pls give the details I shall also join in contributing for the great cause… Thanks for the opportunity given to do something to preserve our Vedas..

  28. Sri.A.R.Natarajan,Namaskaram. Closing down of Seethapatti patasalai at Mayavaram-Is it due to diminishing number of Vidhyaarhees or financial constraints? Now that we are all in the noble drive, our dear Auditor Sir and Professor Sir would take note of your concern.Dear Mahesh, As it stands, Rs.1000/-per person,as an individual or a person in the family/friends’ circle, is the majority view and also as noted in your clarion call in your introductory message. We may fine tune the agenda as the comments/suggestions keep pouring in from our blog-friends. Oor koodi Ther ishukkalam! It may take some time for the Sivaarppanaa Trust, to make field visits to the paatasaalais zeroed in or they may already know about these with their vast experience. Since the Trust is already functioning and the nature of activities being the same, I feel, as a layman, there won’t be much paper work,legal or administrative with perhaps the scale of operations bigger

    The mode of payment,we may make open as per the person’s ease and convenience,M.O;CHECKS,DRAFTS,E.F.T etc

    May we jump from the springboard into the ocean of blessings of Mahaperiyavaa on either 19th or 29th Jan,2012,
    but so many of our friends would pick a super auspicious date for the check to go to the needy since the start of this drive. It is going to be a sweet,simple event. Sri.Nagarajan had suggested sankaranthi day! in one of his comments

    Sri.Natarajan, please share with us the story you know, by hearsay, behind seetha patti

    Was she like Ramar patti?

    All the best to all



    I remember Auditor Sir advising his steno to mention the “h”in capital “H” whenever he referred to Periyavaa during the course of the interview with Sivaraman and his untiering trip to Delhi on the instructions of Periyavaa

    • Your ideas are very sincere and useful Shri Srinivasan, thanks a ton for guiding us in the correct path!

  29. Please count a very humble contribution from a very devoted follower of The Maha Periyavaa. With your permission, I am forwarding the link to a few others who are very likely to be part of the effort.

    How true what you say? For many of the Tambrahms who live abroad, this is possibly a very miniscule fraction of the money spent on dining out one evening.

  30. Chandra Subramaniam Yes PS Sir, all of us should support for the noble cause. will send DD soon

    Panchanathan Suresh I am very proud of you Smt Chandra Subramaniam ! Shri Mahesh of mahaperiyavaa.wordpress.com will post the bank account details shortly and once I have it, I will post it here. I am humbled.

  31. Dear Mahesh,
    Please tell me whom to send a cheque for Rs.1000/= in India.
    I cannot deal in e payment. Best wishes to you.

  32. Aruna and Raju have pledged to contribute. Aruna Mandala and vlnarayana@yahoo.com

  33. Please count me in for the pathasala contribution of rs 1000


    Usha Manoj

  34. This is a laudable cause and shall be done with Periyavaa’s anugraha.I am ok for donating Rs.1000.00. It is reasonable.

    One Vedapatasala at Mayuram [ Seethapatti Patasalai as per Periyavaa’s wording ] comes to my mind .I remember to have read about this in one of the books I have on Periyavaa.This remained closed .
    As per the book, Periyavaa’s sandal moulded Charanams were installed by an ardent devotee as per Periyavaa’s directions.



  35. Dear Mahesh,

    Hats off to you for such a noble cause. I would like to pledge Rs.1000 towards this cause.


  36. Dear Mahesh,

    Count on me for this noble cause.

    Nemmeli Raja

  37. Dear Maheshji,

    Long time silent reader here. Thanks for all your efforts.
    Please count our family too in the list of contributors.


  38. My heart-felt thanks to you Sir for taking up this initiative and giving us (the common man) a golden opportunity to participate in the highest form of Dharma. In one of the devotee experiences’ videos, one of them mentioned about Mahaperiyava wanting each family to contribute 1 Rupee at least and thereby attain punyam. On hearing this, I wished that I could’ve been in one of those families that participated in Mahaperiyava’s noble drive in those days. My prayers are now well answered, thanks to you Sir! Please include my family also as part of this noble campaign.

  39. good suggestion from s.nagarajan, starting a family trust (or already in existence) and affiliating to Sivaarpana

    Hope, our friends had already kept a small hundi before Periyavaal’s image and started offering small amounts and exhorting tiny tots at home to join into this. I hear you answering his/her question”Who is this Thatha?”If the tiny tot says, “Thathavum mottai,naanum mottai”, I could see you not chiding him since you know, Periyanaa Himself enjoyed such childisf pranks(ref. Mayavaram Vijalakshmi’s experience)I could hear you telling your grandchild to keep ten rupees for one cone ice-cream and put the other ten rupees meant for another ice cream for tomorrow,today into the hundi. Tell him you would buy a readymade panchakatcham for him for the sankaranthi approaching, from khadhi vasthralaya,for him to get used to it. May be,you tell him that the coins he saves goes to his friends in another school where they study a different subject,for the good of all

    I could see that the hundi is named GURU KAANIKKAI

    GOING ASTRAY! no,but within the subject on hand

  40. ref;top posts-smt.savithri mahadhevan talks- she is the forerunner in the race, in the recent memories of our blog-viewers, in this noble drive. How she blesses us all “ELLORUM NANNAA IRUKKA VENDUM” with the Anugrahaa of Paramacharya- how she had donated a huge sum in the context of those yesrs, from the sale proceeds of her house

    Marvelous devotion, indeed

    Also, in a lighter vein, I may add that only from her ,i am now aware that a dakota can accomodate only 22 people and Periyavaa jocularly remarking, when he is aboard the plane to see the cockpit, “dey! planeiay kilappindu poiddathey”

    Imagining,how it might have been, if they had started the plane and flown him to Kanchi. We were deprived of another humourous quote from Periyavaa

    Happy to note of the overwhelming response. Best wishes to Chandhramouli and Sridharan

    Request to my friends in the blog: please collect e-mail id’s of all you know(who,you already know with your interactions, would be interested in this drive) and spread the message and to those not having e-mail facility, through phone calls,letters(a print out of this message by mahesh(with a short,suitable translation in tamil) Sure,you would exchange by word of mouth, when meeting in person

    warm regards to all


  41. Please let us know how to contribute. Thank you for doing this (rather Mahaperiyavaa doing this through you)!

  42. Sri Mahesh

    Excellently written article for a great cause. I really like the idea of contributing what ever amount possible by each and every individual, similar to pidi arisi thittam initiated by Sri MahaPeriyava. In this way, many people can have the satisfaction of contributing for this wonderful cause.

    I would definitely contribute to what ever extent I can and your suggestion of Rs 1000/family/annually looks very reasonable too. as mentioned by others earlier, i would like to remain anonymous too. Please post the details on how to contribute towards this noble cause (for people residing in India, Outside India (US, Dubai etc) )

    With MahaPeriyavas blessings, it is possible that these contributions can keep continuously coming and progressively increasing, for the sustenance of the Veda Pata Shalas

    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara
    Kanchi Sankara Kamakshi Sankara
    Kaaladi Sankara Kamakoti Sankara

  43. Dear Mahesh.

    Glad that you have taken up Veda samrakshana.

    Rs 1000 PA is OK with me


  44. We would like to contribute RS. 5000/ Thanks for initiating this noble cause.


  45. Mahesh,

    A very laudable initiative. Please count on me for the kick-off contribution and advise how you wish to proceed. Best of luck in all your noble ventures.

    Best regards

    PS: I prefer to remain anonymous unless there are issues with accounting or local regulations.

    Secondly, please also bear in mind that somewhere down the line, such initiatives lose steam after the initial euphoria generated and face difficulty to continue for a longer period of time. This is very important from the standpoint of the Patashalas that receive the support. Counting on the support, they start off but struggle to stay afloat after some time. Therefore, it may be prudent to consult elders and establish a frame work that will stand the test of time and continue to survive for long, long years irrespective of the presence/absence of volunteers.

    • “Therefore, it may be prudent to consult elders and establish a frame work that will stand the test of time and continue to survive for long, long years irrespective of the presence/absence of volunteers.”

      >> Golden words Sir!

    • Raja –

      Thanks for the support and very wise suggestion. It is true that we should look this beyond a short-term sight and form a structure that lasts for long time. That was the primary reason, why we are piggy-backing on Shivarpana Trust, run by elders for long time, who know this space and have credibility and noble thoughts to make it a sustainable and genuine one.

      Thanks again.

      • Mahesh,

        Thank you for the understanding. I am all for it. Count of my support and all my family in this endeavour.

        We standby for further instructions.

        Best regards

  46. Shri Mahesh,

    Please count me in for the donation. Please email me the details for making the payment.

    Bala Umasankar
    Bala Umasankar [bumasankar@hotmail.com]

  47. Yes I can & will.
    Radhika [rssrinivasan@sail-bhilaisteel.com]

  48. i appreciate your proposal..awaiting your next announcement ,,,
    vaidyanathan [kalyanapuram.vaidyanathan@gmail.com]

  49. Dear Sri Mahesh,

    Please count me in and let me know how to pay, since you are in US if you prefer to send you a check in USD thats fine with me.


  50. Dear Mr Mahesh,
    Your initiative is laudable; I think Rs 1000/- is reasonable and I would be happy to contribute this amount.
    It’s unlikely that you will know me, but to give you some idea, I’m Nagarajan mama’s co-brother’s nephew!


  51. Dear Mahesh,
    I consider the amount of Rs.1000. very reasonable.perhaps the minimum amount can be kept as Rs.1000. and leave the amount of contribution to the person.
    pitchen waran [waranpcm@yahoo.com]

  52. Namaskaram,
    It is a good opportunity for those who have been wanting to contribute for these type of
    good projects and I think Rs.1000/ per family and per year is reasonable.Those who
    cannot contribute this much but at the same time wants to share whatever is possible
    can form a small group and participate in this noble project.I shall send my payment
    on receipt of the address and details of the mode of payment.My sincere Best wishes
    for satisfactory fulfilment of your good project.Rgds
    Gopalan Ravi [lgravi@yahoo.com]

    • “Those who cannot contribute this much but at the same time wants to share whatever is possible
      can form a small group and participate in this noble project.”

      >>> Nice idea Sir!

  53. Dear Mahesh,
    I am glad you have taken the first step towards social activities close to Mahaeriaval’s heart and the first and foremost one,Viz.Veda Samrakshanam. I am prepared to send you my contribution of Rs.1000 if you indicate the mode of transfer of money.
    S Nagarajan

    PS: After reading Mahaperiaval’s Deivathin Kural I was also inspired to start a Veda Samrakshna Trust and accordingly I launched a family Trust in 1993 in the name of my parents and since then I collected a small corpus fund of a little more than Rs.1 lakh from which I have been able to send some financial assistance to some Veda Patasalas to the tune of Rs.6000-8000 per annum.Now with a view to enhance the corpus as also the Trust’s activities to other areas of charity this year I have handed over (in the precincts of Mahaperiaval’s Samadhi at Kanchipuram) to my younger generation in my family with the hope it takes off in a big way.I hope it will take off well with the blessings of Mahaperiaval.
    My suggestion to you is that you ask your readers to have similar family Trusts so that they may be affiliated to yours and funds channelized through your institution.

    S NAGARAJAN [nrajan88@gmail.com]

    • “I was also inspired to start a Veda Samrakshna Trust and accordingly I launched a family Trust in 1993”

      >>> Very noble of you Sir!

  54. i am supporting – giving money – to a DEAF AND DUMB school at TIRUPUR- also to patasalas.i support ur mission – i am 70yrs -not able to go out to meet people-u will have to arrange and collect from me.i will pay 10000/- initially and often.best wishes

    ragu ragupathy [ragookragu@gmail.com]

  55. Dear Mahesh :

    I am willing to support the cause by contributing Rs 1000/- Let me know the mode of transfer of funds.

    Please also ponder over the suggestion :

    Normally guys like me completing 60 years ( shashdiabdapoorthi ), 70 ( Beemarathasanthi ) and 80 ( sadabishekam ) spend too much on loukigam. If this expenditure could be convered into a good donation for conducting the vedic ceremony, preferably in the atmosphere of the pada sala one evening, followed by next morning recitals. ( Rudra japam )

    For your information, I had the blessings of receiving gold kamakshi dollars from the Paramacharya for reciting Mookapanchasati and Paduka Sahasram, when I was a student in Thiruvanaikoil.

    In kanchi mutt, in the year of 1980 Jan, I had the blessing of picking up from the crowd awaiting for the darshan of periyava. He told me you would not ask anything from me, maintain this attitude for life. Till date, I am practising this mahavakya.

    On Jan 08, the day he finaly left his body, in the morning, I got a strange internal message or communication, only to be later confirmed by TV news of his departure from the world.

    Many such spiritual incidents have pervaded my life by the periyava, and I have great pleasure in sharing them with you.

    I will be with you in my prayers for the noble cause of veda samrakshanam.


  56. Dear Sri Mahesh:

    My Namaskarams to the Lotus feet of Sri Mahaaperiyavaa.

    That’s a very noble responsibility you have taken up. Yes. Sri Periyavaa has put a “Tax” on us in his Deivaththin Kural of Re.1/- per month on our Janmanakshatra day which would go to the Vedha Rakshana Trust at the end of the year around our respective birthdays. But that was in mid sixties when He came out with this. The value of Re.1/- those days and its present value we all know. Well.

    This cause has been very very dear-most to my heart and I have been doing my bit during the past five years or so. But right now I am in the middle of a personal situation.

    However, for the present I shall be happy to contribute Rs.5,000/-. Please tell me how I should do that. If I send it directly to the Vedha Rakshana Nidhi Trust established by Sri Periyavaa Himself and now being maintained by the Mutt, they would send me a laminated photograph of Him along with Sri Kamakshi prasadam. I would suggest you can also incorporate such an idea amongst the donors. The Mutt sends this laminated photograph only to those who send Rs.5000/- and more. I personally feel (for my own reasons) this initiative from your end would go directly for the benefit of the Vedapatasalas than through the Trust maintained by the Mutt. I may be wrong.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    With warm personal regards,

    Yours in the service of Sri MahaPeriyavaa
    Sri Swaminatha Sarma
    Trikaala Sandhyavandani &
    Nithya Sahasra Gayatri Upaasaki

    • “they would send me a laminated photograph of Him along with Sri Kamakshi prasadam. I would suggest you can also incorporate such an idea amongst the donors.”

      — This is an excellent idea Sir! But not sure if it will be easy to implement, as it would entail expenses which I feel will be better if used for Vedas.

  57. Sir,
    With reference to your post today (http://mahaperiyavaa.wordpress.com/2012/01/04/2012-veda-rakshana-drive-through-our-blog/), I wish to submit Rs. 50,000 to this cause.

    Please let me know the details on how to make this payment.

    Based on Periyava’s guidance to collect from everyone for a share in Punya, I will ask my colleagues in my place of work, though I am not sure of the response I may get.

    Also, I wish to remain anonymous.


    • “Based on Periyava’s guidance to collect from everyone for a share in Punya, I will ask my colleagues in my place of work, though I am not sure of the response I may get.”

      — Very nice of you Sir/Madam!

  58. DEAR SIR,
    nainar subramanian [nsmani54@gmail.com]

  59. Dear Anna,

    The amount is absolutely fine and we can contribute.As written in one of the comment , i will try to mobilize more people to join this cause.as there would be many who are willing to contribute but unaware of the same.For eg in a community in orkut we had discussed regarding the same a year back .so i would probably notify them regarding this blog and the initiative.I hope that would be fine with you.

    Mahaperiyava Saranam.

    Shriram T [shriram86@gmail.com]

    • “i will try to mobilize more people to join this cause.as there would be many who are willing to contribute but unaware of the same.”

      >> Very noble of you Sir!

  60. Dear Mahesh,

    I am a brother of Mrs Lakshmi Natarajan of Chicago. Rs1000/-is not a difficult amount for any middle class family to contribute. I would vouch for Rs1000/every month.

    We can’t sat we wait for His second coming as HE never left us.
    I pray that HE makes us all worthy to receive His grace which is nevertheless abundant.

    Mohan Ramiah
    Mohan Ramiah [mohanramiah@gmail.com]

  61. Hi Shri Mahesh,

    I am willing to contribute $500 for this noble cause. Also I would like to stay anonymous.


  62. Dear Sir,

    It is our humble duty to serve the purpose of ‘VEDA RAKSHANA’, hence the proposol you have given is agreeable and and I agree to contribute 1000/- rs per month

    Please let me know the bank where I can remit regularly.



  63. Dear Mahesh:

    I will be able to contribute Rs. 1000/ for this year. I have no idea what I can do during the rest of the year, but the first Rs. 1000.00 is ready as soon as you post details.

    My namaskarams,
    viji sethuraman [viji.sethuraman@gmail.com]

  64. Dear Sri.Mahesh,

    Periyava Charanam.

    We would be glad and should say “be blessed” to support the cause. Pls proceed further and advise how to send the Rs.1000/- for the noble cause.

    Rgds/Sredhar, Tirupur

  65. Mahesh,
    I agree with Rs 1000.00 per year; our (family) contributions will be:

    1. Venkataraman Raghavan – 1000.00
    2. Karthik Raghavan – 1000.00
    3. Hema Raghavan – 1000.00



  66. i agree to your proposal.Pl send details

  67. Dear Mahesh,

    I agree for Rs 1000/ per family/year – very reasonable at today’s’ scenario and similar to Periyawal’s “ PIDI ARISI THITTAM” .

    Hope you will take us forward the mode of payment.

  68. I am happy about the spontaneous response Mahesh got on his proposal. I am sure more offers will pile up and make up for the requisite fund to start the project on the auspicious PONGAL day.I am sure Maha Periaval’s invisible presence will guide him.

  69. Mahesh,

    Would like to be blessed by supporting this Vedic cause. In addition to money part, if you need any help for coordinating in Chennai, please let me know. Great cause. As HE is the Karanam, Kaaranam, Kartha, Vikartha and more, I pray to HIM that
    VEDHA RAKSHANAM initiative gets successful.


  70. Again,Rs.1000/- to start with, and from the succeeding month onward,Rs.600/month for working capital needs, as aptly commented by ramanathan. Need of the hour to spread the message to all their friends/relatives by the blog members

    as nicely commented by S.Nagararajan .Over to Sivaarpana Trust, for the commentary to continue on the valuable 1000

    runs scored by mahesh for his side “VEDHA RAKSHANAM”.We hear the commentators!


  71. After posting my comment, I viewed other comments by my other blog friends. My humble opinion, we may stick to Rs.1000. Any amount more from any, may be in the names of their relatives/friends. This project is in good hands and your team know better and we trust. Higher sums from one person may lead to some sort of egoist thoughts in the person,in his own. We are ordinary mortals and it is quite natural,I could imagine how others,including me,get the inspiration after going through so much valuable information in our blog and the next moment we go for coffee, to clad in silk to go to mall/attend showy weddings

    fix up , hope for volumes, please go ahead

    Thank you,mahesh

  72. MAHESH,

    Rs.1000/- very reasonable, please go ahead

    we are only blessed to support your cause and awiait further details

    Thank you


  73. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara
    Apart from being ready to contribute from my side, I would like to know whether it would be wise to concentrate on a
    particular identified Patasala anywhere, to start with, so that any contributor can have an attachment with that Parasala and their students. I hope that will derive a satisfaction for the donors to see the progress of those vedic students till they complete their course. It is like adoption. That ‘attachment’ will, I hope, surely be carried by the generations.

  74. Good idea. Count me for the contribution (Rs. 1000).

  75. RS1000/Family is a very good idea.St away get started for this Golden cause.
    May Maha Periyavaa’s blessings be showered on those who are really dedicated to this cause which was very very dear to Him!

  76. Dear Mahesh, very important thought and need of the hour. There are many willing including me who wish to contribute more.. My query is, is 600,000/- is going to cater one school per annum with 10 students? What about their sustainability?There are hundreds of them. We personally donated to one which is in real need near Sirugamani which was started at the instruction of Maha periava and is being run by his devote and there are so many. How do we support the needy ones apart from this and how do we identify them?



    • Ram –

      Thanks for your support and response. For identifying the needy ones, please leave that process to Shivarpana Trust – they’ve been doing this for a long time..Based on the amount our blog generates, this trust will share some options on how to distribute the funds based on the needs/situations/priorities etc. In fact I already received few emails where people are pledging for monthly contribution, which is encouraging…. For now, I am holding off on that path as my target is to get more pledges that would tell us about the kind of support we can do.

      Once again, my heart-felt thanks to you.

  77. Hi Shri Mahesh,

    That is such a rousing clarion call and nicely drafted as well. Please keep up the good work.


  78. Hi Mr.Mahesh,

    By periavaa’s grace this is a great project and any work that is taken for loka kshemam will surely suceed. I am ready to contribute 1000/- Rs for this cause. Please post soon how we need to contribute.

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