Kumbakonam Sri Bindu shares his experiences….

So far, we’ve seen several videos where majority of the people are over 70+ of age. Here in this video, you will see someone, who is in his 40s and have been with Mahaperiyava since his childhood. Most admirable thing is his unshaken faith on Him…….Enjoy!

Highlight is his to-be obituary column!

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  1. Great video.you can see the lot of information in kumbakonam .Its the one stop website for all information about kumbakonam. Best jewelers,stores,schools,colleges,agencies and more! Everything about kumbakonam and more at your finger tips.

  2. Namaskaram/Radhekrisha
    Mahaperiyavaa giving wonderful experiences , who ever catch hold of his lotus feet
    It is really a excellent video in terms of periyaavaa and it finally stated by Bindu that
    have faith in your Gurunathar told by a Nambodhiri.
    Bindu sir thanks for giving a rare periyavaa experience. You are extremely blessed
    for having accompanied periyavaa.

  3. Devotees can also read the MIracles of Maha Periyavaa by me in the Sathapthi Souvenir brought out by S.V.Narasimhan..probably SVN felt that ‘even my article’ can find a place along with very eminent authors like RV ,agnihotram& co..which describes how much MIraculous POwers Maha Periyavaa has on His devotees like Me&Balu..only people who have experienced it wd know its Powers!He is nothing but Nadamadum Deivam indeed!

  4. Namaskaram to all,
    As per hindu sastras there are few types how a disciple can attain salvation (deeksha).
    Kukuda deeksha(Hugging)….Nethra deeksha(By vision) & the last is Gnana Deeksha (ie) a Person who is in guru’s mind attains salvation. Maha periyava re created a different meaning for it. (ie) any person thinking of Periyava attains salvation. The ultimate truth is periyava. I want to share about what Yogi Ram Surat Kumar spoke about periyav to his devotee. “If you have seen the bamboo barricade or the trees where his vision has blessed, they are Maha Swami too”.
    Every devotee of Periyav is periyava to me. People like Shivaraman Mama are blessed souls to be in their service. My namaskaram to them.
    K.M.Bindhu sadhakan

  5. Sri Mahesh

    Excellent Video.. Virtually every incident, the experience’s narrated and Sri Bindu’s obituary wish, made me shed tears… Sri Bindu is extremely fortunate to have interacted with MahaPeriyava and he is a great example of how MahaPeriyava takes care of his devotees. Like Sri Bindu says, once you start having the complete faith in “MahaPeriyava : The ParaBrahmam” , then dont worry about any aspects of your life, and just follow your heart/mind in what ever we do.

    Jaya Jaya Sankara
    Hara Hara Sankara

    • Namaskaram,
      Making people talk about Maha periyava through your posts is b itself a big divine service. It is true that all of us are fortunate to have lived & interacted with Periyava during his life time. Your service to reach to the people is a yeomen service. My pranams to you.
      Bindhu sadhakan

      • Dear Sri Bindhu Sadhakan,

        Thanks for visiting this blog. Like you mentioned, Shri Shivaraman, Shri Ganesha Sharma etc are doing fantastic work and I am simply a Periyava paithiyam (!) with an added responsibility of being a web master also.

  6. Lovely video, thanks a ton Shri Mahesh and Shri Shivaraman!

  7. The audio is not clear and I could not follow; may be due to my hearing-restraints this would have happened. I have requested Chi. K.M. Bindu Sadhakan for a transcript. He has many miles to cover and his spiritual prowess unknown to the world. Let God Bless him and you, Mr. Mahesh and others who have taken the initiative of recording and uploading it in the world wide web. R. Ramanisundaram* at Chennai.

  8. As rightly said,we are blessed to hear to the experiances of devotees like Sri Bindu and we are blessed to have subscribed to this blog …

    Thank you Mahesh and Shivaraman anna….

  9. In the very first few minutes he talks about what he wishes his obituary column should read as “Sri Bindu, S/O so and so reached the Lotus feet of Kanchi Paramacharya”. He has apparently told his son what to write too!

  10. Kindly post a transcript of what he said; more specially the ‘hightlight of his to-be obituary column’. R. Ramanisundaram*

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