Brahmasri Satara Jagdish Bhat shares his experience with Mahaperiyava

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Don’t miss this….Fantastic interview…. He has given extensive details on Periyava’s visit to Chidambaram ( I have read multiple versions online – this seems to be more authentic) and Satara and the story on how Periyava had a passion to build this temple in Satara etc….It is very heart-filling to see how his son is also doing veda adhyanam from his father while doing his +2 and has same level of devotion to Mahaperiyava….

I have also given the video of the Satara temple….

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  1. Sri Suresh Panchanathan has remarked that the camera should not zoom into the eyes of the devotees when their eyes are in tears as this might embarrass them when they watch the videos themselves. I however differ from his view. They are not tears of agony. They are tears of ecstasy. One must be blessed to shed such tears at the Lotus feet of Paramacharya. To me this is the greatest form of devotion/Bhakti. The persons who gave such interviews will never be embarassed. On the other hand they will be proud.


  2. words fail me. even though have been to kancheepuram a few times and had His darshan, i often felt having wasted my life for not having spend enough time at His lotus feet.

    these videos tell me what i missed.

    at least i am blessed to watch and hear these divine experiences.

    thank you so much


  3. Tears well in Sri. Bhatt’s and Chi. Abhinav’s eyes, as well, viewers’ eyes

    Thank you Sivaraman, Mahesh

  4. What can one say? You make us all hungrier and we crave for more! I don’t know how I lived all these days without watching all these interviews! The more I watch the more I want. If the mail box doesn’t have the bulletin of a new posting from you I start praying to HIM, ‘please give him at least a short one’!!

    • You summed it up perfectly Shri Mohan! We all need more and will never be satisfied. That is the way true Bhakthi should be according to Him.

  5. Lovely! This is the second time I am hearing that He has given darshan, the first time it was for Shri Paul Brunton. Thanks a ton to Shri Shivaraman for this precious service. One request, can he please not zoom into the eyes of the devotees when they are teary as this might embarrass them when they watch the videos themselves.

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