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  1. Vijayalakshmi Madam, I will be thankful if you can share the name of those 25 books, publisher’s name and the place of availability. I also enjoy like you. But I don’t have 25, so like to buy other books


  3. Dear Mahaperiyavaa devotees,
    Jaya jaya shankara hara hara shankara!
    i am surprised to note that whoever reads/ listens to the experiences of others with HH Mahaperiyavaa, comes up with their own experiences as well. It indicates that every one of us have similar untold experiences lying in the deepest corner of our heart. thanks for your blog, so that we all share the same with others. if anybody starts registering all the experiences whoever had so far, and bring the same in a book form, i think hundreds or even thousands of books have to be published (so far only a handful have come out). I have got a collection of quite a few books (20 to 25) on Mahaerperiyavaa which i repeatedly read, enjoy and share with others. I really feel extremely proud that i too had a chance of having darshan of HIM before HE attained mukhthi.
    Mahaperiyavaa charanam.

  4. dear viewers
    i am glad to inform you that i had experience with periava. in 1969 i finshed my diploma in elec and with my friend mr.ismail i went to humpi and tungabadra dam as my father was working in railway as dipot store keeper. i went to the garden of thungabadra dam site. i saw a tent. several saffron persons waling here and there. i have asked them as to why the tent has been fastened there. i thought there must be some cinema shooting. afterwards i came to know that periava camped there. i have asked the person near the tent whether i can meet him. he took permission from periava. he called me inside and saw the real rishi. he enqired my native place and asked about my grand father sri.late t.b. srinivasa iyengar -teached of town high school kumbakonam. i stunned. he asked me whether i came alone. i havereplied him that i came along with my muslim friend. periava called him inside. both we touched his feet. he gave his blessings.
    what a wonder ? i may not get darsan even i go to mat. one should have done punya. the muslim boy surprised .
    our life is a recorded cassette. let us play the role of kittens, let mother cat carry us from place to place- adisankara

  5. Thanks a ton Mahesh, it is awesome!

  6. Dear Mahesh

    Excellent exeperience of a devotee, while many of us did not have the experience with Mahaperiavaa these brings us the vicarious experiene, thanks so much

    we are all blessed to hear this

  7. Thanks a lot, Mahesh

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