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Dear readers,

I am sure most of you have seen some recent flash news involving our Periyavaas in the court case matter. When this crazy lady came back to power, my worst fear came true. I knew that this lady would come back to attack the mutt with a vengeance – that is exactly what is happening – and spinning lots of stories etc…..When this case got only few days left to be get the judgement, the recent fabricated stories are clearly indicating that the motive is to drag this case and make all our lives miserable. As of this moment, there seems to be no truth to any of these. In today’s technologically advanced world, if 100 daily news flash such news, it is natural/human for us to believe this – that is exactly what the newspapers’ want to achieve as well. Only in such situation, we need some patience and courage till we get all facts through proper sources.

Please keep our prayers to Lord Kamakshi and Mahaperiyava that all these problems for the mutt and this case should resolve smoothly….

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

(very depressed) Mahesh

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  1. This news was published in Nakkeran which is anti jayalalitha and mutt, i feel it is the work of the dmk to confuse us

  2. I join the other readers in praying to Mahaperiyavaal for helping us overcome all the current problems. I am situated at a place where i do not have access to all the news. But whatever i have seen on the net, the involvement of “junior vikatan” in the episode is utterly shameful. The magazine was earlier involved in 2004 in publication of alleged taped conversation between Periyavaal and appu. The earlier editors of vikatan group had high respect for mahaperiyavaal and even books on mahaperiyavaal were brought out by Vikatan group. More curious is the immediate stay on the trial by the judge. Should any noticed be issued to the concerned parties? The way the order has been passed by judge seems to convey some legitimacy to the tapes. Of course, I am not a legal person. I am not sure. These days judges are very powerful, they can issue notice to anybody !

  3. Lord Krishna was ca;lled the thief of syamanthaka mani..politics is playing a different fidle this time .let any personsay any thing .we believe that the Shiva killed demons but we worship them. in the same way theall these people who speak ill of kanchi periavals will also perish nnot by gods action but by the very unholy deed done by these mischief mongers.
    Sagaras were not burned by Kaila but the very act of calling him as thief of the horse made them as ash
    Mahaperiaval/Chandramouliswara is protecting the mutt and the seers. nothing to be worried about and let us daily pray periaval for his grace

    • My Dear Mahesh,
      It is customery for politicians to keep creating problems, out of hatered and jealousy. The
      TRUTH will always TRIUMPH as depicted in our Vedas. For every one of us who have full faith in
      Maha Periyava, let us be assured ourselves that nothing harmful will happen.

  4. I have same worry as Mr Mahesh,
    Many people tend to believe the news.
    Also i strongly belive there was relation between His arrest and tsunami happened in Tamil Nadu.( 2450 year old powerful instituition is touched by government, surely nature will show its anger)
    Note that Tsunami has not touched rameswaram or tiruchendur sea shore temples, shows our temple’s sanctity

  5. In Kamba Ramayana, Bharadhan was supposed to have commented that, though because of my mother,unfortunately, I became a reason for Lord Rama leaving the palace and the throne. He was filled with ineffable sorrow and goes on listing some mahapapas which he might have committed in his previous birth which might have caused his becoming instrumental in his brother’s exit and the foremost papam he quotes was..Nallor manadhai nadungach sheidhaeno ?…this is exactly what the iron lady is doing, conveniently forgetting that we were instrumental in her coming back to power..arrogance and vengence are self-destructive…madam will realise soon…with a weeping heart…d.manivannan

  6. Dear Mahesh,
    Yes.I too share your views. It is a canard which had been floated around by certain disgruntled elements, who are after money, in order to malaign the reputation of the mutt which had been slowly regained after the arrest. Hope the pontiffs will be saved by Balaji.Let us pray to him so that the pristine glory of the mutt is restored.

  7. Dear Shri Mahesh,
    Namaskaram. I am not at all concerned about the recent developments as it erupts now. The reason being, Truth is always Truth and Fact is always fact. No one can do anything against that. I recall the song sung by Shri Balmurali Krishna which goes, Unmaikku Oru saatchi, Poi Solla pala Saatchi….Nothing to fear… Another song from MGR Film itself which have to echo in the ears of those who are misguiding…ennadhan nadakum, nadakkatumey, irutinil neethi maraiyattumey, thannaley veli varum Thayangathey namma Maha periavaa irukiral namma kooda!!
    With regards,

  8. Mahesh, I am sekar, second son of Cashier Ramaswamy mama.

    • Sekhar – neeya? Eppidi irukke? Good to hear from you. I believe your brother Raja also visits this blog…..

      Hope all are going well…..

      Take care….

      Mahesh Sent from my Slate

  9. Hara Hara Sankara Sankara
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Sankara

    You are absolutely right Sri Mahesh – we all know that there is no truth in these case files. But there is a tendency among people to believe what they see in the news, especially if its flashed so many times.

    But , there is nothing in the world that happens without HIS (Mahaperiyaval’s) knowledge, i believe these incidents are happening for a greater good. Hopefully the truth comes out sooner, and people realize their mistakes of even doubting Periyaval and more importantly realize the importance of doing their Nitya Karmas.

    My friend often says, all the atrocious (corrutption etc…) things that we see happening daily in the name of modernity are only because we have stopped doing our Nitya Karmas – we (people in general) have started to think we are too knowledgable to believe that there is no science/proof behind them, and thereby making a fool of ourselves in the process.

  10. Harihi Om ! Namaskar,

    With the Grace of Almighty Lord & with the Blessings of Sri Maha Periyaval ! nothing can go against Periyavaal. Let us continue our prayer for the welfare of Mutt & Periyavaals & have faith.

  11. Dear Mahesh, We all share your concerns. This lady was in docks for the past many years mainly because of her arrogance and insult shown by her on the great Mutt and the Peetathipathi. She has not repented for her misdeeds. Her karma will continue to haunt her for ever.
    on behalf of innumerable baktha kodis,
    Sekar, Chennai

  12. You are absolutely right shri mahesh..

    Even i got the same fear and it is also happening now.. i too listened to the so called conversation audio.. for those who clearly heard periyava’s voice in person they can easily understand it is not periyava’s voice at all..

    Actually the audio is divided into 2 portions and the same is joined as a single clip..

    In the first portion only those controversial speech is recorded.. in that part it is very very clear that the voice does not pertains to periyava at all..

    In the second portion though it appears and the voice is somewhat close to periyava, there too no offensive subject is spoken.. even then I feel it is again a fabricated voice recording..

    Analyzing about a topic which questions the creditability of periyava is itself a great sin.. but I wrote this in order to bring the truth as realized by me…

    “Sangu suttalum venmai tharum”

    “Jaya Jaya Sankara… Jayendra Sankara”…

    Ever in guru seva..

    • Luckily I did not listen to any of these audios. I don’t think I want to. I also read comments in dinamalar or dinamani or somewhere where people also echoed your thoughts.

    • in spite of these, people particularly brahmin community broght this lady to power. Atleast hung assembly would have been better. Communists r praising her like anything. This is vvery dangerous. They r now actively involved in damaging the credibility of all Hindu Institutions. Hindus should be aware of this.

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