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Dear Readers,

Hope all of you are staying healthy and praying Periyava!

Sorry for not posting anything in the last few days (or is it weeks already?)…..At work, things are pretty hectic – staying up to midnights, early morning meetings – hardly finding time to do anything else….Just enough energy to do my nithya puja – thats all….. Hopefully this will ease out shortly…..I thank few individuals who are sending some good articles to be shared….will post them soon…

One my dreams is to have all three Periyava padhukas at my place for worship. Since I dont have Mahaperiyava Padhuka, that dream won’t come true at all. I do have Sri Jayendra Periyava’s padhuka….. However, a friend of mine here in Chicago, now blessed with both padhukas and only Bala Periyava’s padhuka is pending – once He is blessed with that also, my dram will come true – almost! To me, it would be a rare-sight…..

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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  1. I have scanned the Yajur Upakarma details for Aug 13th (around 4Mb) for sending to some of my contacts. I am sure all of the blog readers are very learned and know all procedures thoroughly.

    Just in case If some of our friends’s contacts who may not have access across the seas want, I can send the same to e-mails.

    My e-mail id is krishnakanna@gmail.com

    Sri Gurubyo Namaha

  2. Please read it DIVINE instead of ‘diving’ , sorry for the typo.


  3. Inspite of tight schedules still you are able to make it very frequently. Its really good and nice.

    To have Padukas of Mahaperiyava and all Periavas is a great blessing, which you rightly deserve.

    The Rathnagireeswarar Sadas is like living the experience of the speakers and also receiving the blessings of Mahaperiyava through the speakers’ exp.

    Phenomenal service you are doing. All the best for continuing your diving pursuits.

    Hari Om

  4. Great Mahesh to know you carried the Nithya Pooja schedule from Dalmiapuram to chicago

    Hope your busy official burden wold ease soon to bless us more with Mahaperiyavaa’s memories

    Thank you, Mahesh, All the best to you.

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