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  1. Hello Mahesh – Nice work again on communicating about this good cause to the mass. Any information on how to donate, please share here. I could only see phone numbers in the flier above.

  2. Hi Mahesh
    you are doing such a divine service to communicate this new development of Nithya Veda Parayanam in our Mahaperiyavaa’s adishtaanam, to all likeminded souls through your blog. Thanks for sharing such a divine development. Praying to Mahaperiyavaa to give you all propserity in your life. I am very eager to contribute to this noble initiative. Only one fear that I have is whether our Mahaperiyavaa will accept. I only wish He pardons me and showers His grace to make myself eligible to participate in this initiative and include me for ever in His heart

    Thanks and Regards

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