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  1. Unfortunately, there is no woman participating here, and so, here is my contribution. The Lord, in any form, is merciful, kind, loving and forgiving. It is unjust to instil fear into religion – fear is simply a consequence of misdeeds. To take a saint’s name to get one’s message (especially a wrong one) is Adharma. Women and men are equal in the Lord’s eyes. However, they sometimes do not have enough time to focus their worship through Rudram or Sahasranamam.

    Chanting the Rudram is every devotee’s right, and Siva, a most merciful and loving Lord, loved women – whether the Gnaga or hos own consort, Uma. He will be extremely pleased to hear His name from any devotee, man or woman. Perhaps such focused attention on the Lord might take a woman away from her house duties – and that may be the only reason our saints might have worried about!

    What more beauty there is in life than in Namaparayanam! And the Rudram sounds so beautiful, one could get lost reciting it! Everyone should be encouraged to learn it, so mothers may pass on the knowledge to their children.

  2. Mahesh ji,

    I beg to intervene here becoz of the reason that I shared the link with you and you’ve broadcasted it to a wider audience for their benefit. Here are my observation(s)

    1) To the point mentioned mentioned by Shri Anantha krishnanji on Women chanting the veda(s), wish you inform you that (as far as I’ve heard it from my Guruji Mr.V.Ravishankar, who taught me Shree Rudram & Suktham(s) @Pune), there is no mention in the shastra(s) that Women should not chant Veda. It is only because of their biological & physical body condition, they are being restricted to chant as it causes detrimental side effect(s) to their inner physical system. Even Paramacharyal had emphasized this point during his discourses. I say this with blistering confidence & courage because of the fact that I value my Guruji’s statement(s) over any so-called Sastrigal(s) / Vaidheeka(s) words. Also wish to inform that most of the Shaastrigal(s) & vaidheeka(s) @Pune knew about my Guruji, and though my Guruji is into Laukheeka like us, he’s respected for his vedic knowledge, character, and quality. Sorry got emotional when I’ve to talk about a noble soul, my Guruji.

    Also, needless to emphasize here that the Rig Vedhiya Devi Suktham (which is very dearest to Sri Ambaal) has been composed by Vaak Aambruni Rishi (a Sthree) a daughter of a Maharishi. There are other Sthree Rishi(s) who have composed many splendid scripture(s) which most of us don’t even knew / tend to thought about it, one classic example is Sage Lopamudra (wife of Agasthya), no one can doubt about her divinity, devotion & vairargya, sakshaath Hayagreeva imparted her Lalitha Sahasranamam & Lalitha Trishathi as per Ambaal(s) order as stated in the Brahmanda Puranam. Having all said that whether the present women we see today can chant veda(s), IMHO, one & only Paramacharyal can answer and advise. At least, an alpa janma like thyself don’t deserve an iota to open my mouth to voice out on this.

    2) To the point mentioned on finding qualified & valued Vaidheeka(s), I completely stand by all of your points that it’s like finding a diamond among the other glittering stone(s).

    3) Mr.Anantha krishnanji, with due respect to your age & maturity, humbly I wish to putforth one more point here, if we are cynical about whatever that’s happenning and keep complaining one after the other, then everyone (including me) will have umpteen things to be cynical about (like I can talk about vaideekha(s) involving in filthy practice(s) which invites Panchamabadhaka(s), whether is it appropriate for people like us born in Brahmana Kulam to cross sea etc.,), and there is no end to these debate(s). All that we can do is to Pray Mahaperiyavaa & Ambaal to bless us with vairargam & intellect to take diplomatic decision(s) during such sensitive debate(s). Correct me if I’m wrong anywhere.

    Ohm Namo Bhagavathe Shree Shree Shree Chandrashekharendra Saraswathi Gurubhyo Namaha

    Harekrishna S V



    • Dear Shri Venkataraman,

      It is quite heartening to note that you share similar views

      On “Sadabishekam”, as shri Mahesh himself stated, though dwindled significantly due to the times we live, still there are “qualified” vaideegas around and it is a question of “finding” them and of course, based on our “praptham” too

      anantha krishnan

  4. Dear Shri Mahesh,

    Thanks much for yours – can relate to and agree with

    Under the umbrella of Mahaperiyava, there is no room for fault-finding,ego nor wrong-conversations – we learn from each other for the upkeep of SanadhanaDharma in our own small ways

    Thanks much for running this site that I stumbled upon very recently

    Pranams at Periyava’s feet !

  5. Dear Shri Anantha Krishnan,

    I totally agree with you – no different thoughts.Certain guidelines that we had (still have in India) are loosened up in Western world. With the outburst of web technologies things have made people think that learning vedic things are like learning languages through some CDs. Also, not to blame, but to point, other institutions have taken this area and started to spread without proper qualifications. In spite of all these, there are very dedicated folks who approach qualified acharya to learn vedas etc. All my views are purely based on my 15+ years exposure in US.

    Recently in India, when we celebrated my father’s sadhabishekam event, a relative of ours arranged a set of people to come and conduct the function. The main person from this team is a retired bank professional and started conducting various functions like poonal, seemantham etc. I believe he is distant-relative of mine!!! It was so pathetic that none of them were able to chant Mahanyasam properly. I was so disappointed with these kind of mix-ups. The reason, at least in my case, is that my father was not able to choose the right team due to lack of his vedic knowledge.

    In my opinion, maintaining the sanctity of vedas is at risj in today’s world due to the very reason that our Mahaperiyava points out constantly – “brahmins have given up their fundamental duty of learning and preserving vedas”. Funding more money to veda pata sala alone is not enough and the folks in my generation should realize this problem and start educating their kids on vedas.

    Once again, I am way too younger when compared to lots of great devotees here in the forum. If I am wrong anywhere, please point out without any hesitation…. I dont see this as a wrong conversation – rather a healthy discussion. There is no winner here, right?! We are simply sharing our thoughts….



  6. I really didn’t mean to trigger a fuming debate on this, but only to share my piece of what little I heard/learnt on this subject. I feel too didn’t make myself very clear and will try again –

    I didn’t mean to make a blanket statement that whatever the Westerners do of ours was wrong nor question their bhakthi or dedication in anyway. But was precisely trying to convey what Sri Mahesh has stated himself, well close to, ” Will He accept them as a vaideekas to chant in a vedic event? Definitely not”. Mahaperiyava has encouraged so many Westerners to study our art and culture but I’m not sure if HE had asked any to study our Vedas -Rudram is very much part of Vedam and on Roudramurthy. Being so, I have heard it might be counter-productive unless the person chanting conducts himself in prescribed ways – did I see women chanting too in that video ? – not sure though as I didn’t feel like going over them

    Passing on Krishna’s to Arjuna, the Hara-Krishnas, and even Sahasranama( being part of Gita) may be out of purview, may even have Periyava’s OK, but VEDAM makes me question

    thanks for reading and the replies

  7. Hi Mahesh
    Both perspective seem to be have their own merits. Sri Anantha Krishnan’s concern is on the sanctitiy of the core of our dharma. From Mahaperiyavaa’s level he would accept everything as he is the mother of the entire universe. In HIS mortail coils, my guess is HE would have had mixed reactions. Firstly HE being so conservative would not have definitely welcomed this rendition heartfully as HE strongly believes that vedhabhysam is a birth right. Sadly it is already lost to every Brahmin in India, save few who are still steadfastly following the prescribed dharmic procedures for a Brahmim. What more, HE would have felt such a pain to see the entire brahmin community perish without following the scriptures commands. However at the other end, as your rightly said, I am 100% sure HE is blessing the divine souls in vedaunion for thier blindfaith on their Guru. Kannappa Naynar example is the best you gave. Unfortunate souls like us who are not following what our Guru commanded are the ones who are the discontendend lot at the end of the day. Thanks for sharing this vedaunion site.

  8. The question of, Who is qualified to recite? was/is/will be a subject of debate.

    Experts may point out whether the sacred texts themself say who are qualified?

    Like Lord Krishna instructing Arjuna, To whom the knowledge He was given,may be passed onto.

    Thanks Mahesh,for making me viewing the video clips

    Welcome World PEACE

    • I am no way an expert on this. However, here is my view. Will Mahaperiyava approve this? or appreciate this? He will definitely appreciate the interest, dedication of those westerners in learning our culture, vedas etc. Will He accept them as a vaideekas to chant in a vedic event? Definitely not. The place I was “amazed” is their interest and their rendition. Two weeks back I was at IOWA Maharudram here in US and there was one American in “pancha katcham” spent all 3 days with us and chanted with us – all suktas etc…He followed every inch of the guidelines provided etc…

      Lord Parameshwaran is pleased with real-bhakthi – Kannapa nayanar is the classic case. With that, these westerners will be truly benefited if their bakthi is genuine. By this, I am no way diluting the significance of all vedic qualifications..

      Today both Kanchi and Sringeri Periyavaas bless all Maha and Athi rudram events conducted in USA although most of us are not truly qualified to chant etc. However underlying bakthi should be encouraged and supported…..

      Hope I haven’t offended anyone with my comments.



  9. I really wonder if MahaPeriyava would approve of something like this…..I have heard periyavargal (elders) say that even a Brahmin is not fit to chant Rudram unless he follows certain yama-niyamas. So, I really am not sure if this is something to get ‘excited about/amazed at’. Even here in India, Rudram has been reduced to something like “Gayathri-ringtones”. All these are the contributions of Sai and similar “swamis/Gurus” to the West.

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